Friday, May 26

Rihanna - Faux Locs Styles

Rihanna is an Island gal so she is no stranger to locs (or dreadlocks as some, but not myself, may call them). She may not have grown them naturally , but you can see that she definitely appreciates and admires the look. What better way to show appreciation than to emulate it. In my opinion, Rihanna took faux locs to another level. We're so used to seeing them very neatly done, small to mid-sized, straight parts, and very smooth/frizz free locs, but in Rihanna fashion, she did her own thing.

Let's take a look at the different ways Rihanna rocked some faux locs hairstyles

Rihanna rocking a loc'd updo leaving some locs to cascade and frame her face 
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Rihanna looking gorgeous with chunky locs with neat/defined parts and her baby hair laid!

Rihanna looking laid back yet stylish while rocking her chunky faux locs in high bun with a cowrie shell to accentuate to the look. 

Rihanna looks absolutely stunning with her locs wrapped up in a head scarf. I would call this look "Empress Rhi" 

Rihanna gracing the stage of American Idol with her locs and straight bangs
Rihanna on a night out while rocking her locs in a high pony.

Which look do you like most? 

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