Friday, June 2

5 Hair Hacks

Hair colored blue with eye-shadow great for temporary color
1.) Use eyeshadow to add a pop of color

This was the craze back in 2013-2014, but will colored hair ever really go out of style? I doubt it. So if you get that itch to add some color to your hair, but aren't ready to make that permanent commitment, then use some eyeshadow. I used Maybelline Color Tattoo and it worked great. Plus it's so easy to wash out

2.) Use gloves when finger detangling

Are you having difficulties finger detangling? Do you feel like you're still getting some breakage? Then try wearing gloves while detangling. The slip from the glove and product used to detangle, will help your fingers glide through your hair more easily. It's kind of like using a seamless comb, but even better because you have more control. Check out this post I did a while back on it.

Durag cut to make satin strip for puffs and ponytails

3.) Use a Du-Rag for your puffs or ponytails

Ever wonder what I use to create my puffs and pony's? Well it's just a satin strip which I made by cutting the ends of a du-rag. Satin is much more gentle on your hair than a shoe-string or a cotton headband. Plus, du-rags are so inexpensive. But if you(or your man) have an old one hanging around, cut it up and use it to pull your hair up.

4.) Use a shower cap to shape your afro or puff

Do you sometimes have issues getting that perfect shape for your fro or puff? I have, especially if my hair was previously stretched. So to fix a misshaped fro or puff(after styling), I just dab a little moisturizer on my hair, put a shower cap over it then hop in the shower. When I'm finished getting ready, I take the shower cap off and my hair is perfect!

Roots of Twists Braided for Neater Twists

5.) Braid the roots of your twists

I'm sure most of you know this already, but it doesn't hurt to repeat. If you have issues with your twists getting frizzy fast, try braiding the roots about a half inch down then twist. Braids are more secure which helps the style stay neat longer

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