Wednesday, June 21

Salon Visit Tips - Weave, Wigs or Braids Installations

Are you tired of doing your own hair and want to visit a salon to get your weave, wig or braids installed? We all need a break from time to time and that's what salons are here for. Just make sure you exercise due-diligence when searching for a salon and before booking an appointment. Look at reviews, go in for a consultation and ask opinions of past and present clients.

Visiting a salon for the first time can sometimes be nerve wrecking especially if you're typically a do-it-yourselfer. So if you're nervous about your hair health, here are some tips: 

  • Wash and deep condition before the visit: Many salons ,who specialize in these types of protective styles, prefer for you to come with your hair already washed. Washing and drying hair adds to the time of the service and their goal is to finish your hair as quick as possible.  Having a clean scalp and strong hair is essential when wearing a protective style. So when washing your hair, make sure you do a light protein deep conditioner afterwards to strengthen your strands. *If you do end up getting your hair washed at the salon, ask to deep condition afterwards.*
  • Blow-dry before the visit:  For naturals, it's much easier and quicker to braid your hair when it's blown out.  For those who relax and have new growth, to avoid breakage and to stretch out the roots, blow-drying is also a good option. By doing it yourself, you will assure that proper precautions are taken such as using heat protectant and not causing too much manipulation. Plus, your hair will be tangle free. *If you do end up getting your hair blow-dried at the salon, as for a heat protectant and for medium heat.*
  • Speak up BEFORE, DURING and AFTER the process: Before getting your hair done, always voice your concerns to the stylist. For instance, if you do not want to have your hair or edges braided too tight, let them know before hand. If while they start braiding you feel as if your wishes weren't honored, speak up again and ask them to take it out and re-braid. If once done you still feel like it's too tight, speak up again. The same applies for the sewing process or any other style you are getting done. They are performing a service for you and as the saying goes, "the customer is always right". 
  • RELAX: You finally have a chance to sit back and let someone else do your hair. Enjoy it! Chat with the stylist, listen to some music or check your timeline then sit back and relax. If you followed all of the above steps, your hair will come out just fine! :-) 

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