Wednesday, June 28

6 Ways to Style an Afro Puff - 4C Natural Hair

It's pretty obvious that the puff is my favorite natural hair style. It's so easy to do, can be worn in any occasion and it can be styled in many ways.

Here are 6 different ways that I've styled my puff:

Puff Style #1: The picked-out puff :  This was originally a picked-out afro that was turned into a puff. I was looking to have big hair that night and the only way to achieve it was by picking out my hair.                                                                                                                                                                                      
Natural Hair in an Updo Afro Puff - 4c Hair

Puff Style #2: The Vacation Puff-  I love flower accessories, especially in the Summer. Now, it
wasn't Summer where I live, but it's Summer year-round in the Islands. I purchased this flower headband at H&M specifically for my trip to St. Lucia. I loved the look, but will probably wear it pushed back more next time. Tan lines on the forehead are NOT cute! lol

Natural hair in an Afro Puff with flower headband 4c Hair

Puff Style #3: The Afro-Centric Puff- I purchased this tribal print Gambian fabric on Etsy a long time ago. I loved the color and design, but never had a chance to wear it much(because of work and stuff).  I figured this Reggae Festival I went to would be the perfect time to rock it plus it matched my earrings. 

Natural Hair 4c Hair in Afro Puff with African Head Wrap- African Print

Puff Style #4: The twisted puff-  This is a style I wore to work a lot. I just two strand twisted my "bangs", pinned them back and created a puff with my loose hair. It was fast, simple and a little different than my "same ole' " puff. 

Natural Hair in afro puff with twist in front 4c Natural Hair

Puff Style #5: The Bantu-knot out puff- I wanted something different for a Haitian concert that I was going to. I originally wanted to do a bantu-knot out and wear my hair out, but the style didn't look right to me. So, the puff to the rescue. I just pulled the curls up and was able to wear a nice curly puff. 

Natural Hair 4c Hair in Bantu Knot Curls pulled into a Afro Puff - 4c Natural Hair

Puff Style #6- The Photo-shoot puff : I was asked to model for a scarf company and I thought tying my hair up with the scarf would be a good idea. I wanted to show how versatile scarfs are. This was one of the looks I did. 

Natural Hair 4c Afro Puff with Scarf

I'm trying to venture out into other styles as well, but the puff will always be my favorite. 

What's your favorite hairstyle? 

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