Wednesday, July 26

Quick Natural Hairstyle- Jeweled Afro Puff

natural hair afro puff jewelry 4c hair

I was looking to step my "same ole' puff" up and give my edges a break. Constantly pulling our hair back(especially tightly) can not only cause breakage, but weaken the hair strands.
 I'm trying to grow my edges to it's fullest potential so figured lightly braiding them down, with two cornrows, would help. I had some hair jewelry hanging around and jazzed the braids up with four of them. This was a very simple hair style that lasted the whole week. I would either wear my hair in a puff(high and low) or a high bun.

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  1. Are those clothes beads are open here jewellery that you clipped onto your hair? Very cute!

    1. Hello! These are the opened/clip-in ones that can be found at most beauty supply stores. Thank you!


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