Thursday, July 20

Summer 2017 Hair Regimen- 4C Natural Hair

My go-to puff the day after taking my braids out

If you follow me on Instagram (hint, hint), you would have seen that I removed the braids that I had installed for 7 weeks. it feels good to have my hair out again! So I thought this would be a good time to post my updated hair regimen for the remainder of the Summer.

Let me first start with saying that I don't care much about "definition" especially in the Summer. It's
so humid that whatever efforts I put into defining my hair will be a waste once I go outside. . I still haven't decided if I will go back in a long-term protective style, so this regimen is based on my loose hair(puffs) and short-term protective styles(buns, twists or braids with real hair). 

On to my regimen: 

Every Sunday- Wash Day 
  • Deep Condition on Dry Hair for 1 hour - Finger Detangle while applying product
  • Shampoo 
  • Condition again if I feel necessary 
  • Spray hair with light protein leave-in 
  • Apply Creamy leave-in to hair in sections
  • Finger Detangle 
  • Seal with oil 
  • Braid Hair
  • Air-dry 
  • Section hair 
  • Spritz water on each section 
  • Apply Olive Oil mixed with a few essential oils to each section* OR shea butter if I feel necessary 
  • Braid hair- about 8-10 braids 
  • Tie hair with satin scarf
* Trying something new where I am not using store bought moisturizer 


  • Remove Braids with oil on my fingers
  • Tie down front of hair after either oiling or applying aloe vera gel to it
  • Leave rest of hair out and hop in shower to let the steam soften my hair more *
That's about it. I'm hoping to retain any length I gain, keep my hair out my face and look cute all summer! :-)

If you need help figuring out your regimen, I can help.  I am now doing hair consultations where I offer regimens and help to get your hair back on track. Check this page out

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