Wednesday, August 23

Loose Twists on 4C Natural Hair

Loose twists on medium length natural hair
Well, these are more like loose-ish twists
French-rolled in the back and pinned to the side 

Those who have been reading this blog for a while know that I love twists. I faithfully wore twists when I was relaxed, transitioning and newly natural. Wearing twists helped me retain length and thickness, but for some reason I stopped doing them often. I guess I got to the point in my journey where I just enjoyed wearing my hair loose 85% of the time. Because of that(and other factors such as trimming a lot), I haven't gained much length. 
While I'm okay with the current length of my hair, I want to see more. So I have decided to get back to the basics and wear twists religiously. 
I trimmed these set of twists so I can start off fresh, but I plan to cut down on the trimming drastically. An updated twists regimen will be posted shortly. 

Anyway, on to the "loose twists".

 I have been watching many videos on Youtube about loose twists on natural hair. I loved how they  looked like locs or like loose natural hair when in a braid out. 
Loose twists are easier to install, remove and for some, make their hair look much fuller. 

The typical installation of loose twists is to: 

  • start with stretched hair (blow-out, braid-out, etc)
  • Twist tightly at the roots
  • Then twist very loosely down the length
  • Then finish it off with tight ends 
Here's how I did the loose twists on my 4c hair: 

  • started with slightly shrunken hair
  • braided the roots down about a 1/2"
  • then twisted loosely down the length
  • twirled the ends of the twists around my finger to seal the ends (added more product before doing so) 

My hair does feel a fuller in these twists, but doesn't look it which is because I started on shrunken hair and braided the roots. I still love them though. 

Stay tuned for my next posts on my regimen and how I style them. 

How do you typically style your hair?

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