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Onion Oil for Hair Growth - Grow Your Edges

Have you ever asked someone what can you use to grow your edges and they say Castor Oil? While Castor Oil or Jamaican Black Castor Oil are great, they seem to be the main suggestions. If you have (or haven't) tried them and are still experiencing thin edges, you should give Onion Oil a shot. Not only is it great for your edges, but for your general hair growth as well!
*Keep in mind that you need to drop all of the unhealthy hair habits that caused the thin edges in the first place to see any results. Check out my last post on edges for details.

Let's get into it.

Onions are rich in sulfur and quercetin. Sulfur has antibacterial and anti-fungal  properties which is
vital for a healthy scalp. A healthy scalp leads to healthy hair growth(as long as the follicles aren't dead). Sulfur can also boost circulation which can lead to increased hair growth. Quercetin is an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory plant nutrient which helps protect hair and skin from air pollution and other toxins.

There have been a few studies that prove benefits of onion juice for hair growth(do your research). There are also many Youtube videos and blog posts that have shown the results of using onion juice.
Because the juice can be so potent and can also be messy, I opt to use Onion Oil which is just as good and not as smelly.

I purchased my Onion Oil(pictured above) from a local Moroccan store and it was manufactured in Pakistan. I add a few drops of  Rosemary Essential oil to mine to combat the smell and increase circulation. Onion Oil or Onion Seed Oil can also be found online and is sold by various vendors(see below links).
If you are more of a DIYer, you can make your own.

To make your own Onion Oil, you will need:

Applicator Bottle
1 tblspn of Onion Juice
2 tblspns of Oil of Choice
2-4 drops of Rosemary or Peppermint Essential Oil (Optional but recommended)

  • Grate(use grater and strain mixture, by pressing down with spoon, to get juice) ,blend(cut into small pieces then blend into smooth paste and strain mixture) or juice peeled onion to get the juice 
  • Mix the onion juice with the oil of choice (shake well)
  • Add a few drops of Rosemary or Peppermint Oil (shake again)
That's all! Pretty easy, right?  If you're lazy, you can steep pieces of onions into 2 OZ of Oil then add some essential oils to it in an applicator bottle. Let sit for about a day before using. 

To use the Onion Oil you can: 

  • Apply to edges or whole scalp in sections 
  • Massage Scalp(gently) for 5-10 minutes
  • Let Oil mixture sit for 30 minutes
  • Wash out 
  • Repeat weekly 

You can apply the oil to just your edges 2-3 times weekly( at night) then wash out next time you wash your hair. I have tried both and don't have a preference. 

Hope this helps!!!

* I did not find any research on which type of onion works best

Please note: the information given here should not be seen as medical advice. Please speak to your doctor if you are experiencing unexplained hair loss, or before trying any remedies


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  1. I'm always trying new natural remedies for my hair! I will give this onion oil recipe a try! Thanks!

    1. I hope you like it! You're welcome and thank you for stopping by :-)


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