Friday, September 1

Loose Twists Styles and Regimen - 4C Natural Hair

I've had these twists in my hair for almost two weeks now. I would like to keep them in a little longer, but I really want to do a Henna/Indigo treatment and my hair needs to be loose for that.

I don't do much in terms of styling. I really like to french roll the back of the twists and keep the front pushed to the right side. Because I like that style so much, I jazz it up with some hair jewelry, beads and a shell. I have also been wearing a lot of scarves and "loc socs".

Here is a collage of some of the ways I style the twists.

As for my regimen, it's super simple: 


  • Spritz twists with aloe-vera juice mixed with water, a little leave in conditioner, and essential oils
  • Seal with olive oil mixed with coconut oil. 
  • Put hair in 5 braids or a high bun
  • Sleep with satin scarf

Twice a Week: 

  • Oil Scalp with Onion Oil(mixed with essential oils) 
  • Massage scalp for about 5 minutes

My twists are kind of frizzy now, but I like that look. They are also shrinking up a lot and starting to resemble locs. Because I'm not ready for that yet, I really hope that my hair didn't loc up at all. I shall soon find out. 

After I do my Henna & Indigo treatment, I'm going to re-twist my hair. I'm going to try and give it a "looser" look and will post pics on IG once done. 

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!! 

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