Wednesday, October 18

Quick Hair Update: Still In Twists

4C Natural Hair Afro

Hi Everyone! Hope you all are doing well!

I just wanted to give a quick update on my hair. Long story short, it's still in twists with my own hair.
Not the same twists in the last post, but definitely still twisted.  It makes life so much easier and helps me retain length much better.

Natural Hair Twist Styles
How I usually style my twists, in a bun. 

A few points:

  • My regimen is still the same. 
  • I did do a Henna and Indigo treatment on September 3rd which made my hair feel and look amazing. 
  • I keep them in for 2-3 weeks at a time. I'm aiming for 3. 
  • I keep my loose hair out for 2 days maximum
  • I moisturize and seal every morning
  • I massage my scalp a few times a week because it's relaxing 
  • I stopped using gel on my edges, just water and moisturizer
  • I now try to stretch my hair before twisting it. 
Natural Hair stretched from a braid-out
Hair slightly stretched from a braid-out 

That's about it. I rocked a fro for the first time in a while and I loved it. I just hated the maintenance of wearing my hair loose, especially now that it's getting cold, and couldn't wait to re-twist. 

I plan to keep wearing twists for the rest of the year and maybe throughout the Winter. 

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