Friday, July 9

Hair Update

So, do you remember these?

 I had to do it..I took them out last night! I couldn't even last 3 weeks like last time. This time I only had them in for 2 weeks. It was either I take the front out and re-do them or take em all out. Taking them all out won! Like I said before, I am not doing single braids anymore. Time to think of more and better protective styles. If you can't tell already, I get bored easily. Back in the day I would re-do my weave and braids every 2 weeks and I guess I haven't changed.
I am officially 15 weeks post relaxer!

Look how much darker I got! This is my hair after taking the braids out before detangling. Notice how it kinda looks wet, well that's because I sprayed my braids with braid spray before removing them. Result: Soft moisturized hair

Anyway...I washed and conditioned my hair last night following an Apple Cider Vinegar rinse.
My hair now looks like this....

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