Thursday, July 8

It's HOT and your Hair Could be Hurting!

It's officially summer time and in most states in the North East there is a serious heat wave going on. I'm talking about 75 degrees in the wee morning and 95 plus in the afternoon. To some people that may not be that hot, but let's just say that I am happy to be sitting in AC from 8-5 everyday :-)

This hot weather can be good and bad for hair.

The Good: Most peoples hair grows faster in the summer. I guess the heat triggers some kind of growth spurt. It happens to me and it probably happens to you.

The Bad: Your hair can get extra dry because of the heat which can ultimately cause breakage.

5 Tips for Summer Hair

Drink plenty of Water- Not only does this prevent dehydration, but it will help keep moisture in your hair.
Water is also the ultimate moisturizer: Carry around a spray bottle with water in it and if your hair feels dry..just spray a little on it.

Give straight hair styles a break- First off, in order to get the straight style this will require heat.You don't need all that extra heat on your hair in summer! Once you step outside it will frizz right up anyway, right? I would save the straight hair for special occasions and always apply some type of serum to protect the hair from the sun.

Deep Condition once a Week: Your hair will thank you for this. You need as much moisture as possible. This will help strengthen hair and keep hair very soft

Try Glycerin Based Products: Products such as Care Free Gold, S-Curl and Hawaiian Silky are perfect for this kind of weather. They help draw moisture to your hair and will keep the hair very moisturized throughout the day.

Explore No-Heat Hair Styles: Other than braids and cornrows..why not try cute buns, braid-outs, twist-outs, roller sets, bantu-knots, cute up-do's...there's so much to do...and you won't have to worry about crazy frizzy hair at the end of the day

* You can also wear a cute sun-hat when going out-doors which provide ultimate protection from the heat.


  1. Great tips Ms. D! Summer on the east coast this year is no joke. It's been way too hot! Anyways, can I find Hawaiin Silky, Care Free Gold, or S-curl at a Walgreens or CVS? I'm not close to a Sallys.

  2. Thanks. I know, right! You sure can! I'm not sure about Hawaiin Silky, but I am positive you can find Care Free Gold and S-Curl at Walgreens or CVS. Remember back in the day when people used to have Jerry Curls? haha..these are some of the products they would use to keep their hair moisturized. Of course when you use it, don't use as much.
    Thanks for stopping by!


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