Wednesday, July 28

Self Relaxing

I was researching ways to Self Relax and came across this thread on the Longhaircareforum posted by a member named Nixx. I think this method is perfect to a T and I decided that I will definitely be using this method and doing my own relaxer the next time around. The only difference is that I will be doing the front part of my hair first until I can figure out how I can wash the back without getting the front wet.

The following is what I to ensure an efficient relaxer application and prevent overprocessing. I also relax straight and process for 15 min.

-I do Half/Half Method where the back will always be done first. I apply relaxer to the back only and then, rinse, condition and then neutralize. After the back is complete, I do the same for the front. I put a shower cap with clips attached to section that is not being worked on.

-Apply conditioner(I usually Profectiv Breakfree) to areas of hair already relaxed.

-Part hair in four sections; two in front and two in the back.

-Part 1/4 inch sections within sections and loosely twist each section. I got the twist technique from Softresses and it works like a charm. I didn't get any relaxer on my already relaxed hair and I was able to navigate quickly. I took about 2-3 min to apply relaxer to each quarter.

-Base scalp with a base creme(I used Vitale last time and it is nice and soothing).

-Apply vaseline at demarcation line (on relaxed part only) to ensure there is no overlap.

-Set timer for 15min.

-I begin applying relaxer to first quarter and start from the crown and move downwards. Whatever section I'm doing, I always start from the crown and then move downwards or forward.

-Smooth lightly with back of comb and fingers.

-Untwist sections in the last 1-2 minutes of processing. Since the twists are done loosley it doesnt'(shouldn't) take more than 1-2minutes to untwist.

-I Always rinse the section where the relaxer was applied first. Rinse for 2 min.

-Then rinse next section for 2 min.

-I Rinse for a total of about 5 min.

-Apply Aphogee 2 min reconstructor for 5-6 min with shower cap on.

-Rinse hair and then use neutralizing shampoo. Leave neutralizing shampoo for 5 min and then rinse. I neutralize 3 times and leave the neutralizing shampoo on for 5 min each time. I also use a neutralizing shampoo with a color indicator (usually Provectiv Neutralizing Mousse...I highly recommend i. It is soooo good. You don't have to do vigorous shampoo with it.)

-Apply leave-in conditioner to back section and then cover the back with shower cap and clips. I then move on to apply relaxer to front section the same way I did the back.

-I repeat rinse, condition and neutralizing process for front section. I do one last neutralizing shampoo for the entire head.

-I then Proceed to deep condition as soon as hair is completely relaxed and neutralized.

**I also suggest you do a strand test before relaxing to determine the appropriate processing time for you.


  1. Let us know how it goes when you relax your hair. I'm curious to see how well this method works. Good luck! :)

  2. Thanks and I sure will let everyone know how it goes!


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