Thursday, November 4

$ Dollar Find $

During my lunch break, I went to Marshall's to look at some of their hair appliances. They usually sell Flat-irons such as Chi, Baby Bliss and others for a good price. I actually saw a Chi Flat Iron(I forget which one) for $69.99 and it came with a watch and carrying case. The box said retail cost is  $120.
I didn't purchase it though because I am still just looking around.

Anywho..I worked my over to the hair products and although I don't need anything at this moment, I still felt the need to see what they had.
I went to the Clearance section and saw a product called Sexy Hair Organics Moisture Boost for a dollar, that I just had to buy. The ingredients looked good and it was only a dollar, so I said why not.
I just looked up online how much it normally costs(for the 1.7 oz) and prices ranged from $10-25. Looks like I got myself a deal.

Don't sleep on stores like Marshall's, TJ Maxx, AJ Wright, Winners and so forth for hair appliances and products. 9.5 times out of 10 , you will find a good deal.  For my international readers, I'm speaking about stores that sell designer/name brand clothing for less.

Here is more info about the product

Sexy Hair Organics Moisture Boost provides an extra shot of moisture when added to cream conditioners, leave-in conditioners and moisturising treatments. The ultimate hydration for dry hair, it will quench its thirst and leave it silky soft.
The natural way to hydrate dry hair, Sexy Hair Organics Moisture Boost is made with 95% organic ingredients, including a combination of organic aloe vera juice, organic goji berries extract, organic avocado extract and organic sunflower oil.

Directions of use:
Add a small amount of Moisture Boost to any Sexy Hair Conditioner or Treatment to give hair that extra moisture it craves.

Review to come


  1. I agree! I always find good products for cheap at Marshall's and TJ Maxx. Especially shampoos, conditioners, and I even got a good flat iron from one of the stores too. Great post!

  2. @ Miss Dre- I saw so many shampoos and conditioners I was tempted to buy, but I controlled myself..haha.
    Thanks! :-D


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