Saturday, March 12

Wash Day

Friday nights/Saturday's are the days I pamper my hair.  It doesn't matter if I party all Friday night..I my prepoo to prep my hair for Saturday's wash.

So, last night was no exception.

So around 12:30-1AM

I pre-pood with:

2 Egg Whites (for protein) mixed with
2 - Table Spoons of Mane n Tail Moisturizing Texturizing Conditioner
1- Table Spoon of Black Strap Molasses
1- Table Spoon of Karishma Henna
few drops of Castor oil

*If I didn't have all of these products, I would have pre-pood with a mild protein conditioner such as ORS Hair Mayonnaise mixed with maybe castor oil

This Morning(@ 8AM) I:
 rinsed out the pre-poo,
conditioned a little with V05 Moisture Milks
Then Clarified my hair and scalp with Apple Cider Vinegar mixed with Water

Next Step is my Moisturizing Deep Conditioner Treatment:
First I oiled my scalp with EVOO
then Applied my Deep Conditioner
Aubrey Organics White Camellia Conditioner mixed with Hemp Seed Oil  

Then I went under my heating cap for about 10 minutes

I have a lot of errands to run today and I have to braid/twist someones hair which may take up to 7 hours, so I still haven't washed out the Deep Conditioner.
Right now, I'm walking around looking like this(I have a conditioning cap under the scarf):

After I wash the DC out, I will just add leave-ins, detangle, then airdry. Haven't figured out how I will wear my hair tonight(if I go out) or tomorrow yet.

* It may seem like I do a lot, but it's just because of all my mixes. I'm just prepooing, washing then Deep Conditioning which can be done with 1 plain product each

Coming Soon on 6-FOOT-LONG-HAIR- I didn't forget about you all!!
Brazilian Keratin Treatment: The Good, bad and ugly
Airdrying Techniques
How to Retain Length
Benefits of Ceramides and Black Strap Molasses
Skin Care
Curbing Breakage and Shedding
Hair Care while wearing Wigs and Weaves
Video on how I detangle while stretching

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