Friday, March 11

Braid-Out Gone Wrong

So in continuation of my last post, after I co-washed..I air-dried in 6 braids. I put some silk rollers on the ends and rolled them all the way up, similar to doing a roller-set.

In the morning I took the rollers out and un-braided my hair. I was sooo not feeling the style.
One side was longer then the other, it was super short because of how I rolled just didn't look cute on me..
See below for example

It was like 7:30 and I had to leave to I was in a rush
I just sprayed my edges with moisturizer..added some Eco-Styler Gel...then clipped my hair back with an EZ-Comb.
On my way to work, I had the front of my hair wrapped with a scarf to lay down my edges.
I like this look a little better.


  1. Wow you salvaged that hairdo really well, when my hair doesn't turn out like I expected, I have a hard time doing that.

  2. Thank you!! :-)
    I guess many failed attempts gave me practice.


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