Saturday, May 28

Blackest Black

So...I purchased an ION Blackest black semi permanent hair color a while back and because I will now only do Henna and Indigo treatments, I decided to use it on Thursday night. Rinses usually wash out quick which is why I will use Henna and Indigo in the future, but just because I had it, I decided to use it.
Because these have no chemicals in them, I think they are the best option for getting black hair.

How I did it:

Shampooed hair
then applied the rinse in sections completely saturating my hair
Covered with Plastic Cap
Let sit for 2 hours (only needs to be left on for 20 minutes max, but I was doing a lot around the house and didn't have time to wash out)
Rinsed out for like 10-15 minutes with Cool water
Applied conditioner and let sit for 3 minutes
rinsed out


  1. Nice. I don't know why but black hair always looks so much healthier, I use a jet black rinse by Via Naturals it onlys takes about 15mins and its lasts about 6 or 7 weeks.

  2. Thanks. Yes...I agree!

    Yeah, 15 minutes is all that's really needed..I was just on the and cleaning so had no time.

    My sisters rinses lasts about that long too..for me..I think all my co-washes and so-forth make them last a shorter period of time.

  3. love it...pretty....
    I need to rinse butr all my shedding has me

    dee in san diego

  4. @ Dee- Thanks!

    Your hair is still shedding a lot? I'm assuming it could be seasonal. Hopefully nothing too serious. Maybe try Garlic Supplements to help with that issue?

  5. Girl your hair is so pretty. I've been thinking about putting some color in my hair but I have no idea what color I want right now. Any who, I love that style on you and the color looks great as well.

  6. @ Judy- Thank you!!!
    I think a burgundy/red color would look nice on you(I only suggest that because besides black that is like the only color that shows from a rinse and permanent dyes can cause damage).

    Thanks again :-)


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