Wednesday, June 1

4 Ways to Make Your Color Rinse Last Longer

In continuation from my last post, there are a few ways to make your color rinses last longer. Some have no issue with rinses, but for those that you go.

1.) If you are relaxed, get a rinse during/after the relaxer process

2.) Process Rinse with heat- Sit under a dryer after applying a rinse

3.) Use Shampoos or Conditioners geared towards preserving color- If you can find a sulfate free one, that's even better

4.) Wash or Rinse hair with Cool Water only- Hot water tends to strip the hair color

Embarassing Story: I was going out to lunch with a friend and it was like almost 90 degrees. I was lost, so I pulled over and parked my car. Big Mistake. Should have kept it on for the AC. It was hot, I was sweating and my hair started to leak. I had the purplish/black rinse running down the back of my shirt and forehead. I was mortified!

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