Thursday, June 2

Summer Hair Plans

Summer is fastly approaching and it's time to tweak my regimen a teeny bit to accommodate for this hot weather.

The one minor change is that I will be co-washing at least 3 times a week opposed to 2.
I tend to work out more in the hotter months so to keep my scalp clean, I will incorporate more co-washes.

I also plan on doing the Crown and Glory Method Starting July 1st- September 23rd
What that means is, I will:

Braid my Hair for 5-6 weeks at a time
Still Moisturize, wash, cowash as needed (of course with diluted shampoo and conditioner)
then I will let my hair breath for 2 weeks
Then go back in braids

When my hair is out for the two weeks I will:

do no-heat hair styles or bun(if it's really hot out).
Do my bi-monthly henna treatments (add an egg for a little protein)
Deep Condition
Basically get my strength back for the next installation of braids

So, it looks like I will be keeping things simple for the summer, just the way I like it.
That way I can focus on other things besides my hair.

What are your hair plans for the summer? Does anyone else think as far in advance as I do? hahaha


  1. sounds like a good plan. My sister has used the crown and glory method before and it worked well for her. Just be careful of those edges. I find even the most careful and gentle braiding can cause hair loss for extended periods.

    This summer I will be in a weave. I'm a bit nervous as it looks like we are gonna have a hot summer and I can already feel the itchies coming on!

  2. Thanks. I haven't had issues with my edges in the past, but I'll be extra careful this time around.

    Your weave install came out beautiful by the way. I'm sure you will be fine, but good luck!

  3. My summer hair plans are just like yours... I just want to get up and go and live life. Keep it simple!


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