Thursday, October 20

Don't Do this At Home Ladies!

Let me first say that Diana Ross had/has some beautiful hair!!
So beautiful that back in the day,  some women would go to the extremes to achieve this look.

In regards to Solange Knowles Style Inspiration, on she stated:

"Diana Ross is the quite obvious one. If you look at pictures of her in the ’60s, ’70s, through the ’80s, she embodied everything about that era in such a timeless way. Her hair is a whole other conversation! And seeing photos of my mother from the ’60s and ’70s, she was a total rebel with her style. She had extremely fine hair and washed it with detergent to coarsen it up and had this amazing Afro."

Washing Hair with Detergent?!?!?- Ladies..I don't suggest this AT ALL!!


  1. Yea I don't agree with that whole detergent thing. I see bad things happening in the long run. I'm afraid of some shampoos much less to use detergent. I just use castile soap.

  2. You and me both! Imagine getting some in your eyes?!?!

    I used to use Castile Soap..I don't know why I stopped. Hmmm I think I may revisit once I run out of what I have.

  3. I'm mad late, but that is one of the most ignorant things I have ever heard of! Not to mention that is a wig.


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