Monday, October 24

Quick Tip: Glycerin in the Winter

As many of you know; Glycerin is a humectant, meaning it attracts moisture from the air to your hair or skin.
Now in colder weather, there isn't much moisture in the it's a little more difficult for Glycerin based products to work their magic (FOR SOME...some people have absolutely NO issue!).

So on to the Quick Tip:

Apply your Glycerin based moisturizer BEFORE showering in the morning.. then SEAL with an OIL once getting out of the shower.
The moisture or steam from your hot/warm shower will act as the "moisture from the air" and once you seal...that moisture will be locked in!

To Read a little bit more about Glycerin in Colder Months..Check out this blog post on The Natural Haven.

Examples of Glycerin Based Hair Products:
14-1 Hawaiian Silky
Care Free Gold
Basically anything with Glycerin as the second or maybe third Ingredient

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  1. Thanks for the post and for catering to the naturals. I love glycerin and tell every natural I know to use it, but I am still learning myself.

  2. You're very welcome :-)
    I love glycerin on my new-growth as well!
    You're newly natural so I'm sure you will learn a lot through-out the years!


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