Monday, October 24

So you Want to Go Back to Natural? Pt. 1

I thought I would offer some tips for those who are toying with the idea of transitioning back to their natural hair texture. I have transitioned back to natural in the past, but without the knowledge I have now about healthy hair-care. This is actually the longest time I have been relaxed. So, I do know a few things here and there.
But if I were to know what I know now...I would have never gone back to the creamy-crack(not that there's anything wrong with it).
So...for all of you out there thinking about or starting on your are a few tips.
  • Figure out why you really want to transition: Is it because you always encountered breakage from relaxers? Is it because you miss the natural texture of your hair? Is it because you want to set an example for your daughters? Is it because you are simply tired of relaxing and would like to see your hair reach great lengths naturally?  Whatever your reason may kind of need to ENGRAVE that in your head. Why you ask? The mental transition is the hardest and once you get through that...the rest will be smooth sailing (well not really, but kind of). If needed, collect a whole bunch of natural hair inspirational photos to keep you from changing your mind

  • Figure out how long you would like to transition: Some people want to get rid of their relaxed ends right away and big chop at around the the 2-6 month post mark and sport a fade or TWA. Others who like length, opt to transition for 1.5-2 yrs. By doing that, when they finally cut off their relaxed ends, they will have almost(if they grow the average) 11-12 inches of hair and could rock a pony or do more styles they feel more comfortable with.

  • Blend Your Relaxed Hair with the Natural Hair...Not the Other Way Around- Now, I know some prefer straight hair styles and if that's the case, you will most likely end up being a heat-trained natural and will prefer to flat-iron your new-growth to blend with the relaxed ends. But for those who want to go back to natural sporting their natural curls, now is the time to say NO to heat and learn to work with your "new-growth", not fight it. So, opt for twists and curls, bantu-knot outs, braid-outs, braids and curls, get where I'm, curly hair-styles.

Pt.2 Coming Soon..
Product Choices
Trimming Ends

For those out there who are actually transitioning...please feel free to leave some tips and suggestions!

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