Wednesday, February 15

Half Wigs?

Two things  I have NOT done since the start of this hair journey are wigs and weaves.
I have self-installed sew-in weaves(ALL THE TIME)  in the past, similar to the below pic...but I haven't done those since 2005.

Me back in 2004- Look at how thin my eyebrows were..LOL
I would keep these in for 2-3 weeks at a time. But I think when I was in College I would stretch it for a month and re-do the front every 2 weeks.

I'm thinking of investing in a few half wigs as a protective because I think they can look similar to a weave and takes less time to install.

So...for those who wear half wigs, do you have any suggestions?

I saw this one that I liked (may need to shave it down a bit), but I may need to visit a wig shop to try them on before I start ordering online.
     Outre Synthetic Half Wig Quick Weave Tisha


  1. I love half wigs, and more recently u-part wigs. With half wigs, you can chose to either leave some hair out or do the headband thing. The only suggestions I have are to be careful with the combs and try not to place them in the same exact place repeatedly. Good luck!

    1. How could I forget about U-Part Wigs. I love how you style yours. I may have to whip me up one.
      Never thought about the headband with the Half Wigs...that's even easier!
      I heard those combs can wreak havoc on edges.
      Thanks, Ebony!!

  2. I am a wig junkie because it's easy (and unfortunately I'm! But in all honesty, I would definitely recommend that you try on the wig before purchasing because what you envision looking great vs. the reality can be two different things. I have had that experience myself, so just something to consider. Enjoy!

    1. LOL..I like the easy aspect of wigs!
      Thanks girl..I will def try some one before purchasing online now.

      Thanks, FEG!!

  3. I agree with the ladies above. It's definitely better to go in a store and see which looks and lengths suit you better before you start purchasing online.
    I am a headband wearer all the way. I do blend the hair in the front but I still wear a small headband because I am self-conscious still when I wear half wigs.

    1. Thanks!!!!
      I will def go to a store and invest in some cute headbands!

  4. I ordered Tisha before pictures of the actual item were posted on hairsisters. I was a little disappointed to find out that the style doesn't resemble a braid out look...instead it's very full deep curl (think a baby creta girl-SL). This experience has taught me to either try on in person before buying OR look on youtube to see how it looks in real life.

    1. Oooh really?? I think I will pass on Tisha then. But you all convinced me that I need to visit a store to try a wig on.
      Didn't think about YT videos!! Thanks for bringing that up :-D


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