Sunday, May 20

Braid-Out @ 26 Weeks Post Relaxer

Y'all already know that my go-to out style is a braid-out.

So..I took my twists out on Friday night, finger detangled, spritzed hair with my AVJ mix, sealed with Shea-butter mixed with coconut oil then braided my hair up to prepare for the braid-out.

I put some satin rollers on the ends so the braid-out wouldn't have straight ends

 I kept the braids in all day Saturday(wore a beanie during the day) and took them out for Saturday night.

I ended up rebraiding at the end of the night and wore a braid-out Sunday(today) as well. I plan on bunning for the remainder of the week.

I have some more pics, but my eyebrows look even more jacked than the first pic (lol) and my forehead looked super shiny(researching natural ways to beat the shine!)!


  1. Looks good sis!! Your look gorgeous!


  2. Getting so much fuller! Your hair was already thick. I need to try a braid out like this. I'm just so lazy with the plaits and my hair fullness is uneven so I always end up with tighter waves in some parts.

    1. Thanks! Yeah..doing single plaits can be time consuming and getting uniform curls can be a hit & miss.
      Your braid-outs look good just the way they are though!

  3. Thank you Ms. D. You are right. That's been my problem. Trying to fix what's not broken.

  4. lovely braid out. great curl definition!


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