Wednesday, May 16

Thoughts of a Long Term Transitioner

  • I can't believe it!!  It has been 6 months/26 weeks (well in 2 days it will be) since I last relaxed my hair!
  • This is the longest time in my life I have stretched a relaxer without the assistance of extensions. As a reward, I bought an Afro Pick online! LOL!  I will use this to fluff out the roots when I do braid-outs/curls..etc. I read that metal is better for the hair since it wont snag like the plastic picks sometimes do.

  • On May 30th, it will be 5 months since I  used direct heat on my hair and I don't plan on straightening AT ALL this year!
  • Times have truly changed. I like the look of straight hair, but I LOVEEEE the look of big, huge,kinky textured hair! 
  • I sometimes get overwhelmed but excited with thoughts of how I would look with all natural hair.  
  • Patience is key for transitioning. Patience while detangling. Patience while growing out the natural hair. Patience to make the "chop" date. 
  • I read transitioning gets more difficult around the 8th month. So, I decided to install single braids when I'm 8 months post. 
  • People tend to get the urge to chop around 8 months and I can see braids are the best option. 
  • I can't wait until I have some more new-growth. I usually get more growth in the summer which I highly anticipate. I'll measure my growth at 1 year post to see if I get the average "6 inches" 
  • I HATE and have always HATED when people say going natural is the "in" thing. How the h*ll is wearing your hair the way it naturally grows from your scalp EVER the "in" thing. It's like saying not wearing make-up is the "in" thing. Or not bleaching your skin is the "in" thing. Or not getting butt injections is the "in" thing.
  • I promise you all, I will never be a "natural hair nazi" and will continue to promote healthy hair practices for relaxed, natural, texturized and so forth. 
  • I found a pic(extremely blurry and I look a hot mess) of my hair in a fro. This was January 5, 2005, about 22 months post relaxer. I never took care of my natural hair and just let my relaxed ends break off.  So I believe I have potential to have a BIGGER fro when I'm 22 months post. I never wore my natural hair out and put braids or a weave in my hair 1-2 days after removing the last set. 

**** Non-transitioning posts coming soon. I'm sure ya'll are sick of these..but as you know this is also a personal blog documenting my journey


  1. Congrats on making it this far! Keep up the great work. Before you know it, you are going to be 1 year post-relaxer!

    1. Thank you so much, Aderonke! I appreciate your support!

  2. I'm so excited for you!

    I'm a long term transitioner, too, but I'm only 3 months in. This my 2nd time going natural. The 1st time, I BC'd & wasn't happy. I wish I would've known about LTT back then!

    1. Thank you!!! :)

      Congrats on making it to 3 months. We're in this together, so if you need any tips or pointers let me know.


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