Friday, October 5

46 Weeks Post Relaxer: Twist Out

I have done exactly ONE twist-out since the start of my HHJ. I always liked braid-outs better, but I decided to try a twist out last night.'s more of a twist-n-curl. This was one of the styles on my list :-)

So..last night I:

  • washed the twists I installed 2 weeks ago with WEN
  • Airdried the twists for about 30 minutes so my hair was still very damp
  • Took the twists out in sections
  • Once each section was taken out, I finger combed it
  • Then applied a mix of Aloe Vera Gel and EVOO/Coconut Oil
  • Twisted the section
  • Bobby Pinned the roots down 
  • Then curled with small flexi-rods
  • Let the set sit overnight and removed in the morning

****I did a total of 11 twists. Now, if I planned on keeping my hair out longer, I may have done more..but my hair is going back in twists on Monday.

I ran out of small flexi-rods, so I used a larger one to secure two twists. 

Because of that larger flexi-rod..that side came out JANKY!

So, I used my handy dandy  Caruso Rollers! 
I put in about 5 small rollers and kept them in for 8 minutes. I liked the results much better although it still didn't look EXACTLY like the other side. 

But, I still liked the results!

One thing I must say I like better about these.... is that there is less breakage while installing. 
I may stick to twist outs in the future especially since it doesn't look much different than a braid-n-curl.

Note to self: buy more small flexi-rods


  1. I definately thought that this said 46 MONTHS post relaxer. I was like, why is she transitioning for 4 YEARS! Hahaha. No, but really, flexirods are the bomb!

    1. LOL. I don't think I could EVER transition that like what's the point?
      They sure are!

  2. I love the twist-out! It looks super thick! I also co-sign that flexi-rods are amazing :)

  3. I love it! and aren't carusos just awesome?? they always save the day!

    1. :-)
      They sure are!! I need to use them more often.

  4. I love your results! I think that I need to try flexirods and the Caruso Curlers..your hair looks great!

  5. looks good. I'm 24 weeks off the crack! Eek wish me luck

    1. Thanks.
      Congrats! You have made it a long way. Good luck!


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