Wednesday, October 3

5 Things I MUST Do While Transitioning

I sometimes wonder if I am qualified to give transitioning tips since I haven't completed my transition yet. So, I will list things that I (emphasis on I) MUST do while transitioning in hopes to help at least one person reading my blog!

1.) Wash My Hair in Sections- I have learned the hard way, that washing my hair loose causes massive tangles. I also need my hair firmly sectioned. So washing my hair in multiple ponytails, helps my wash day go much smoother. 

42 weeks post relaxer

2.) Deep Condition Before Shampooing- I'll be honest with y'all. I can't take those extra long wash day sessions anymore. I have been able to eliminate many steps and prefer not to go in and out of the shower. So, I deep condition before shampooing and my hair feels great! I am also cutting down on the water bill! 

3.) Detangle on Damp Hair- I am one of those people that can't comb soaking wet hair without getting breakage. Because I mainly detangle before washing, it makes sense to do so on dry hair. I just lightly mist it with my AVJ mix (add glycerin for slip), finger detangle first, then comb with my wide tooth comb. 
I believe this is one of the main reasons why I have retained ALL of my relaxed ends. 

4.) Keep My Hair Stretched- You all know that I live in twists. Twists are the only way I can keep my hair stretched without using heat and not manipulating my hair during the week. 
I must keep my hair stretched to avoid matting, tangling and knots. If I don't plan on wearing twists during the week, then I MUST braid, twist or bantu-knot my hair at night in order to keep it stretched. 

5.) I MUST practice Patience-  Transitioning can be difficult at times for various reasons. My main reason is the anticipation to have natural hair. But I know I want LONG natural hair. Sorry, I guess I am "long hair obsessed". But I know if I were to BC now, I would be obsessing about length. So why not wait until I am completely comfortable with the length of my natural hair? 
I also have to be very patient when detangling and styling my hair so I don't experience any breakage.


  1. Great list, I can also adopt these techniques during stretching. I'm so glad I'm not the only one that can't comb wet hair, damp is best for me too, you aren't alone lol :)

    1. Thanks. Yeah, you can. Transitioning is basically one big stretch.
      I'm glad I'm not alone in that one!

  2. Quick question - do you detangle using a comb? I also prefer to detangle prior to washing but lately I've been trying to use only my fingers to minimize breakage.

    1. I do use a comb when I detangle prior to washing. But I only do the full wash routine once a month. Every 2 weeks, before styling my hair..I only finger detangle. I use a comb on wash day just to ensure I have all shed hair removed.


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