Wednesday, January 16

How I Lay Down My "Edges"

As most of you know, high buns are one of my go-to transitioning styles. 
I am 2 days shy of 14 months post relaxer and thought getting that "sleek" look would be tough(without the use of heat or much manipulation), but surprisingly it isn't. 

If you would like to know how I smooth my "edges", well more so the front of my hair, then keep on reading. 


*Before I do any style on my hair, I always lightly spritz water(mixed with avj and oils) on it.

  •  I then gather all of my hair on top of my head and lightly secure with a satin scrunchy (sorry, I don't have a visual) 
  • While it's in the loose high pony, I add a couple drops of castor oil to the front of my hair then apply a generous amount of IC Fantasia Gel* to the same area. 

  • I then gently brush in the gel with the sides of the below brush

  • After brushing in the gel, I do my actual bun using a knee high to secure my hair
  • Then I tie a pretty thick scarf around my hair and keep on for about 20 minutes

  • When I remove the scarf, ,my hair looks like this

My hair stays frizz free and in place all day. 

*The IC Fantasia Gel is back to being a favorite of mine. It leaves a lot less flakes than AVG. 


  1. Nice! My edges NEVER lay down... especially when I have a lot of NG!

    1. Thanks! Lol, really? I wld just leave it be then.

    2. Only because it looks nice as is

  2. Love the fullneas of your bun! Looks great!

  3. all that texture! your hair looks soo thick, love it!

  4. Beautiful bun!!!!! And I like your eyebrows too!

  5. You look really beautiful in these pictures!!!!

    Your hair is looking so thick and healthy. Great progress :)

  6. Can you elaborate more when you say you use a knee high to secure hair. Do you mean you use a knee high to make your bun?

    1. sure. I tie a knee high around the front of my hair then I gently pull the back of my hair up(with the knee high) while I push the front of my hair back. Then I just tie the knee high once I create a ponytail.Then I jut wrap my hair around to create the bun. This works better for me than making a "regular" ponytail for some reason.
      I use a knee high because it's pretty sturdy and soft on my hair.

  7. I love your bun! It's gorgeous! Thanks for the tips :-)

  8. Thank you!

    No problem, thanks for reading!


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