Wednesday, January 9

Quick Tip: 5 Ways to Use Shampoo

...that does not involve shampooing your hair. 

If you are a reformed product-holic like myself, you probably have a lot of products that you don't use. 
I have purchased many different shampoos before I found my staple, most of which I gave away, but I did keep a few for the below purposes. 

If you want to know a few ways to use up shampoo you have sitting around...keep on reading. 

1.) Cleaning hair scarves- What better way to clean off the hair products residue from your scarf than to wash with shampoo! I clean my scarves once a week and prefer to use shampoo to get the job done. I just fill up my sink, add a big squirt of shampoo then get to cleaning!

2.) Remove oil, grease or yellow stains from clothing/pillow cases/etc. - I use shampoo as a pre-treatment whenever I get stains, especially those dreaded oil/grease stains. 

3.) Clean combs, brushes, etc.- This isimilar to #1. I just prefer to use shampoo to clean tools I use on my hair

4.) Clean your tub or shower- I try to quickly clean my shower everyday and deep clean on weekends. For my "quick" clean, I use shampoo. It gets the job done! 

5.) Substitute Shaving Cream- Conditioner is obviously more moisturizing, but shampoo works just as well. Especially if you have a moisturizing shampoo. Just lather up and get to shaving. 


  1. Great post! I do 1 and 3 too, but never thought of 2,4, and 5!

    1. Thank you! There are so many more ways to use shampoo than I listed too!

  2. I also use it to put in my hand soap container. LOL Don't judge me, bro!

    1. LOL!! Girl, whatever get's the job done!

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks, I sometimes feel a sulfate shampoo works best for it though.


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