Sunday, February 24

Snip Snip

So, after a night out with friends and a few drinks..I pulled out the scissors. I just knew I was ready to Big Chop. 

Saturday, February 23

Mini Haul

If you're a Sally's card member, you already know that today is 30% off with a coupon. I went there last week and the store clerk told me I'm better of waiting until today to purchase things, so I did exactly that. 

Sunday, February 17

Back in Twists

This morning, after getting 3 hours of sleep(had my late b-day celebration last night and I just had to watch the Beyonce documentary afterwards at 5:30 AM lol)  , I put my hair in some twists. 

Wednesday, February 13

Fighting the URGE to BC

Feb 2nd

Ok, so I am a few days shy of 15 months post relaxer and the urges to BC come more often than not. I still KNOW for a fact that I am not completely ready to BC, but the thoughts keep plaguing my mind.

Tuesday, February 12

Quick Tips- Split Ends

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Split ends are inevitable. Even with the best care, one or two(or much MORE) are bound to pop up. 
I have found the best way to avoid them are to follow these simple steps.