Wednesday, May 1

Super Random: Hair, Beauty and More

Hey, Hey, Hey!!

I feel like I haven't been on here for a while...and I really haven't which I apologize once again for. 
I missed talking to y'all...Which leads me to this super random post. 

Where should I start?? Of course hair, right?

So..what's been up with my hair?
Not a d*mn thang. Haha. If you read my regimen post, then you have a pretty good idea of what my hair been looking like. 

For a brief reminder, see exhibit A and B.

Exhibit A:
Weekend Hair
 Exhibit B: 
During the week hair..there are braids in the back on to my nails. 
For those that have been following me for a while, you already know that I do weekly manicures(myself of course DIYer for life!). 
I haven't been posting them, but decided to share today. 
I love this color and it's a cheapy too. Sally Hansen: Pacific Blue 

Yup, still have the square nails. I was thinking about changing the shape..but I'm a square girl for life.  Yes, I nails are due for a cut.

On to Beauty.
 I wanted to share some of my recent purchases. 
I am trying to use more "natural" make-up products which explains some of my purchases. 

It's kind of hard to see, but I purchased:
Physicial Formula: Eyeliner
Physician Formula: mascara
Bare Minerals Ready Foundation Powder in Medium Dark

Laura Mercier Tinted Foundation: Oil Free:  Mocha 

Ok..time for Jewelry
For those that don't know..I'm a jewelry nut! 
I have been trying to organize them better and have resulted in purchasing another wall "mount" for my dangle earrings and necklaces from ASOS(on the left). 
I have been giving away a lot of jewelry and have reduced the amount of items I purchase hopefully soon..I will only need these two earring holders. 

That's it for now...regular posting will resume shortly!!

Hope you have a fantastic week!


  1. Your hair is so beautiful. How is your moisture balance? I struggled with that at the beginning.

    1. Thank you :blush:
      Only for about a week after the bc. My hair lives in PS's so moisturizing isn't an issue. When I do wear it out.. It stays moisturized too

  2. omg your nails are extravagant! I'm a huge nail enthusiast, your natural nails have amazing growth! The square shape never goes out of style and I believe is the best looking for most hands, especially with opaque polish colors. :) Great post!

    1. Thank you and it's good to know that about square nails because I love them.
      Thanks again!


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