Wednesday, May 1

Quick Tip: When Baggying

On the forum I frequent, a young lady posted an issue she was having because of baggying. 
She noticed that her edges were thinning because of the plastic cap.

So, I typically baggy a few times a month to restore moisture in my hair if it's feeling kind of dry. I am VERY paranoid about my edges, so I make sure to cover them with a satin strip then I place the plastic cap on my head. I offered that suggestion to her(she will be using a silk tie) and thought it would be a good tip for my lovely readers. 

So..for those who baggy or even sleep with a bonnet..PROTECT THOSE EDGES! You can use a silk or satin scarf or a satin strip(cut from a larger scarf). Just tie it around the perimeter of your hair then place the plastic cap over it. 

Another tip is to oil your edges first then wrap with the satin strip. 


  1. Thank you, i wish i would have seen this at the beginning of my journey. The plastic caps can do that damage. I had to learn the hard way. Now im nursing my temple areas

    1. Aww, I'm sure your edges will fill in nicely!

      Thanks for reading and commenting!


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