Monday, May 20

Random Hair Thoughts

  • I have done 3 Henna and Indigo treatments on my natural hair so far. I think the Indigo has really taken because it hasn't faded at all.
  • I haven't seen my hair straight since December 2011 which was the last time I used direct heat. Surprisingly, I haven't had any urges to straighten it. 

  • I have only deep conditioned my hair once since being natural. I still haven't used the ORS Replenishing Pak I purchased back in February. And I only used the Aubrey Organics White Camelia DC once. I haven't needed to DC since I've been doing these monthly Henna treatments and cowashing twice a month
  • I also purchased 3 packs of braiding hair last April and have yet to use them. I'm enjoying wearing my real hair out, but will do braids soon to give my hair a break 
  • I've been thinking about purchasing the LaJay half wig, but doubt I will wear it much
  • I can't wait until I get a little more length so I can do mini twists

That's it for now :-) 


  1. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE your natural hair! I have a new natural head to envy now. Lol! I'm transitioning to texlaxed, but am still considering going natural one day. I can't believe you do not deep condition regularly. I thought that was a MUST especially for naturals. So does co-washing regularly help keep your hair moisturized?

    Love your blog btw! :)

    1. Awww thank you so much!

      Good luck on your transition! You'll somewhat have the best of both worlds.

      Because I keep my hair twisted during the week, I'm able to retain moisture very well. So deep conditioning really hasn't been necessary for me. So far, cowashing has been enough in addition to my daily moisturizing/sealing and occasional baggying.

      Thanks! :-)

    2. wooow, i was really like "wtf, she dont need to deep condition on a regular basis? she is a lucky one"
      i wish my hair would be the same.
      do you do the cassia treatment monthly like your henna application?
      how do you feel about the aubrey organics white camellia conditioner? its on my wishlist but havent read enough reviews on it to decide wheter to buy it or not...

    3. LOL. I'm pretty sure if I wore my hair out more, I would def need to DC more often.
      I do not do any Cassia treatments since they are basically Henna without the color deposits. I have done Amla treatments in the past though similar to the Henna.
      I like AO White Camellia a lot. It's very moisturizing.

  2. Wow your your natural hair is SO pretty!
    May have to try Henna aswell


    1. Thank you so much!

      I love Henna! If you need any tips on it!

  3. your hair is so beautiful!


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