Tuesday, July 30

Products I Love

Hey Hey Hey!

I just wanted to come on here and share with you a few products that  I love. These are my staples and I will probably never switch them out…well unless they become discontinued or the formula changes. The main reasons why I love these are because they’re affordable, works well for my hair and can be purchased in a local store.

1.)     Shea Moisture Organic Coconut & Hibiscus Curl & Shine Shampoo for Thick, Curly Hair- I have been using this shampoo since I big chopped and must say that I love it. It leaves my hair feeling very soft after washing and I sometimes I feel like I don’t even need to condition it afterwards, but I do just in case. It also cleans my scalp very well although I do dilute it with water since I wash in braids. I’ve tried the other shampoo in this line, the Shea-butter one (I believe), but this seems to work better for my hair.

Thursday, July 25

Braids Regimen

Quick and Easy:

Spray scalp and length of braids(up until where my real hair stops) with African Pride Braid Spray- Morning and Night
Wrap with a satin scarf at night
At 3 weeks- Wash& condition braids then re-do front 
Remove braids at 6 weeks, keep hair out for 2 weeks then re-install either yarn braids or kinky twists.
That's all folks! 

Back in my relaxed days, I went from neck length to collar bone length in 6 months by wearing braids. 
I hope to make the same progress, but from SL to APL, this time around.  

Saturday, July 20

Single Braids with Xpression Collection Hair

Hey Y'all! Guess how I spent my Friday night? Yup, braiding my hair.
Well, I started off twisting it and it just didn't look right to me..so I braided it instead.

I used the Xpression Collection hair that I purchased last April. I know I was complaining about it being $8.00 a pack, but besides the location of where I purchased it, I think I know why it was expensive.

Wednesday, July 17

5 Ways To Remain Happy During Your Hair Journey

1.) Stop comparing your journey to others- This may seem obvious, but so many people do it, I even admit to it. It's really hard not to, but you must realize that everyone's journey is different and no two heads of hair are the same.

2.) Stop trying to fix what's not broken-  You figured out your regimen, your hair is doing well and you are seeing some progress. Then why are you still trying new products, switching up your regimen and incorporating different techniques? I swear, sometimes we do the most and end up with a setback because of that. Trust me, hair grows...so if you see some progress and very little breakage(it's inevitable), you're on the right track

Monday, July 8

4 Months Post Big Chop!

Hey Y'all!
I can't believe it's been 4 months since I big chopped. Time sure goes by fast. 
I am VERY happy that I made the decision to bc when I did. I originally wanted to transition for 2 years, but the anticipation to see my fully natural hair was more important to me. Also, I like the fact that I can try things out with my shorter hair first.

Anyway...here are some the things I learned and experience with natural hair. 

Saturday, July 6

How NOT to Retain Length

I know there are some people out there with unicorn hair and can do just about anything, yet their hair is still full and long. But for the other 95%(made up percentage) of us, we have to be a little more careful.

Instead of me saying what must be done to retain length, let me tell y'all what you shouldn't do.

1.) Play with Your hair too much- low manipulation is the way to go. I see people trying 50-11 styles a week, yet wonder why their hair stays the same length. The more you play in your hair, the more susceptible it is to breakage, Period.