Sunday, January 5

A Year in Review - 2013

Happy New Year!!

I hope your year is starting off great and wishing you all much happiness in 2014 and beyond. 

I started 2013 transitioning, with the urge to big chop, and I ended the year as a happy natural. 
I have learned so much about my hair in the last year and realized that less is really more. 
I don't use many hair products, tools or manipulate my hair often and my hair is thriving. 

Now here is my 2013 hair in review. 

January- My go to transitioning style. The high bun 

February- My second go-to transitioning style, the twist and curl 

March- The big chop at 15 months post relaxer 

April- My favorite natural hair style- The high puff 

May- High puff which is all I been doing besides the twists and braids during the week. 
June- Told y'all I loved the high puff 
July- High puff with a braid 

August- the protective style I had in for 6 weeks 

September- After the braid removal

September- Puff 

October- Rocked the fro, in public, for the first time 

November - Protective style I had in for 7 weeks

December - After removing the twists 

December - Braid out 

December- My protective style for 2 weeks, the Marley bun 


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