Friday, September 30

Sick of Protective Styling

So I am 5 weeks post relaxer and I'm at the point where I am sick of braids, twists, buns and so-forth. BUT I know for maximum retention, I need to keep my ends protected and I really only need to do this for another 3 months.
I was thinking about getting some half wigs..but to be honest with you, wigs and weaves just aren't my thing. I must admit I wore weaves in the past..usually curly in the back and cornrowed in the front..But I just don't like them on ME anymore.
I took out my twists last night and was going to just wear a bun today...but my hair felt so greasy that I had to co-wash then do an Apple Cidar Vinegar Rinse.
I ended up air-drying in 6 I wore the braid-out for today and it feels good having my hair down!

 I was going to do another set of Cornrows, but I think my edges need a break so I may just wait another week to do that. But then again...I may just change my mind! I'm sure I will get out of this rut soon.

Thursday, September 29

Corrective Relaxer When You Have the -----ZZZZZ------

In my last post I stated that upper portion of my hair is straight, middle is underprocessed and the ends are straight.
Now this issue sometimes happens to those who stretch their relaxer for long periods of time because the relaxer is not brought down far enough to cover all of the new-growth.

I had this happen to me before and when I got a "corrective", my hair was fine. Now, just because I was fine before doesn't mean I'm not afraid of breakage. But in the mean time, I am getting my hair as strong as possible, meaning light protein treatments and henna..just in case.

If this happened to on for some tips(this is for you Ra-an ;-).

First you need to take a look at your hair

How bad is the underprocessed area of your hair(the middle portion)? Are you able to comb through with out any issues or breakage? Are you experiencing any breakage? If not, I would proceed as normal and get a touch-up when you normally do. To be safe, I would try not to manipulate that area too much. Maybe try protective styling for a bit.

Words of Advice:
If the middle portion is not severely underprocessed, when you relax as normal..make sure you do NOT put any oil or vaseline on that area when you protect your ends. I'm sure the relaxer run-off will help straighten that area..if not the first time you relax, the next time.

Now if the underprocessed area is causing breakage...then it may be pretty bad and a corrective is needed.
As said above, keep up with your protein treatments to strengthen your hair before doing any type of relaxer/chemical treatment.

Corrective Relaxer

* Wait at least 6 weeks after the intial relaxer

1.) Protect your straight areas of your hair. Meaning, put vaseline, oil, conditioner or whatever on your relaxed ends and on the straighter portion towards your roots. BUT try your best not to get any on your roots or the underprocessed areas.

2.) When you or your stylists relaxes your hair,  relax the roots as normal.  During the last 5-6 minutes of the relaxer process smooth down the relaxer on the underprocessed areas
****Proceed as normal(meaning neutralizing..and all of that good stuff) ****

OR YOU CAN DO THE BELOW (this will better work for those who have smaller portions of hair underprocessed and for those who can stretch up to 13 weeks)

*Wait at least 4-5 weeks*

*Put your hair in medium to large size braids/twists and STOP right above the underprocessed areas

*Now the braid/twists will be your new-growth and the previously relaxed hair (basically the straight area)

*Protect your relaxed ends or place a plastic duck billed clip on the demarcation line(where the underprocessed hair and relaxed ends meet)

* Apply the relaxer to the underprocessed areas ONLY, smooth and keep on for about 7 minutes max. This all depends on how bad it's underprocessed. If it's only texlaxed, keep on for 5 minutes.

****Proceed as normal(meaning neutralizing..and all of that good stuff) ****

Relax as normal 8 weeks later and make sure to protect everything but your new-growth this time.

Hope this helps!!! If anyone else experienced this before..please leave some suggestions/tips or words of wisdom in the comment section!

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How to Pick the Right Stylist/Salon- RE-POST

So, I decided for my next touch-up, I am getting it done at a salon. Why you ask? Well for the last year, my hair has been under-processed each time I relaxed. Once by a stylist and the other 2 times, by me. My last touch-up, I severely under processed the back area of my hair... To the point where it looks like this -----ZZZZ-----. Straight at the roots, under processed in the middle and straight ends. This calls for a a stylist. I already received some good recommendations on LHCF...which I will check out. But I really need to follow my own advice. I still have 3 months until my next I have some time.

See below for some tips I offered last year.

 For those out there looking for a Salon or are a few tips that will help you in your search.

1.) Research, research, research- Create a list of salons in your area (you can do so by googling or just driving around) and try to find reviews online..or on some forums.

2.) Ask around- If you see someone in your area with nice hair..don't be shy..ask her where she gets it done and ask some questions about the salon.

3.) Salon Visit- When you narrowed down your search, visit the hair salon for a consultation. Talk about your hair needs, prices and listen to their recommendations. If the prices don't fit your budget, then keep looking. Also, when you get home, research those recommendations like make sure it isn't a load of crap. Also, when your there, look around..see how they're doing others hair, the products they use(look around for good products such as Paul Mitchell, Redkin, Mizani, Alter Ego, know)

4.) Try them Out- Go in for a wash and set.If you are not satisfied with a simple wash and set, then you should never visit that salon again. I'm sorry..I don't give second chances when it comes to my hair.
When your there, you may even see someone getting a touch-up or those processes like a hawk!

A few more tips about Salon Visits
*No time or money for a deep conditioner treatment? Slather your hair in oil or a deep conditioner you have at home the night before going to the salon.

*When going for a relaxer, make sure you coat your previously relaxed ends- Especially if they DON'T

*SPEAK UP! If something is not right or you do not like what they're doing...then say it. You are the one who has to walk around with your hair, not them!

*If you only like the products you use...then bring them!

Wednesday, September 28

"Cones" and Our Hair

Many of you have probably seen/heard the word "Cones" (short for Silicones) thrown out there while reading hair boards, watching you-Tube videos...or even when reading the ingredients list on products. Many are afraid or don't use products containing cones....I for one don't have a problem with them.
Read on for more info about "cones"

I tried to break this down as much as possible!

What are Silicones? (in reference to hair care) -Silicones are a group of chemicals(which have a silky/waxy feel to them) which are widely used in hair care products such as shampoos, conditioners or serums. They are commonly used in hair products to provide "slip"(which helps the comb glide gently through your hair) and to help bind moisture. 

Pros of  Cones
- provides slip
- Helps smooth down the surface of your hair (prevents frizz)
- Some say they help temporarily glue split ends together
- prevents tangles and breakage as a result
- Makes hair soft
- makes the hair shiny
- locks moisture into the hair- a great sealant
- Great for Heat Protection

- is likely to build up on the hair (because some types of cones are not water soluble)
- cannot be removed without detergents (clarifying shampoo, sulfate shampoo..etc????)
- can lock moisture out of the hair
- Some say it can hide the extent of the damage your hair has

Saturday, September 24

3 Inches

I try not to focus on hair length soo much, but I'm really hoping I make my goal by the end of the year.
On my body, from Arm Pit to Below Shoulder Blade length is about 3 inches. I reached Full APL in if I grow at least a half inch a month, that means I should def make that goal by December.
When I pull the back/middle portion of my twists down, I am exactly at my goal length, but the sides have a lot of catching up to do.

I forget where I saw or got this hair length chart from, but this helps me see my goal much clearer. Although, on my shoulders and Armpits are 5 inches apart and here it looks sooo much closer. Goes to show that it all depends on your body proportion.

Look at the Hip length on anyone's hip over there?

My final length check will be sometime in December. You know the saying...a watched pot never boils.
But this is the last picture I have of my hair down, which you all saw before. Don't mind the oilyness and thin looking ends...I believe they only look thin because the top portion is curlier. 

Friday, September 23

Braids and Curls

I was getting really bored with my twists, but knew that I didn't want to take them out because I'm trying to stay in low-manipulation/protective styles until December.

So..I added some corn-rows to the side and put the twists in some bantu-knots.

And this is what I got

I know I could have done some flat twists..but I'm more of a braiding gal. One day I will perfect my flat twists and do those instead.

Thursday, September 22

Simple Yet Fab- Beyonce

I love how this braid to the side looks! Beyonce is glowing and looking beautiful as ever!

Source: Getty Images

Wednesday, September 21

Writer's Block

One thing I pride myself about my blog is that I keep it constantly updated(even when I only had 1 follower)  But at this moment, I am experiencing extreme writer's block. I sometimes feel like I wrote all I can about hair...but I know I haven't. :-D

Soooo...just because I don't feel right not posting at all...I will leave you with some links to some posts I did this time last year.






Sunday, September 18

The Twists are Back

It took me 4 hours to do the twists this time mainly because I made the back twists larger then before.
I will keep these in for 2 weeks then I think I may do some cornrows next.
All down # Fail

Pinned to the side- now this is better!

I experienced some breakage last week...nothing too excessive, but enough to alarm me. I would see short broken hairs like every day and it just freaked me out so I told myself that I would stay in protective styles until the end of the year. Now twists aren't a protective style unless the ends are tucked I'll probably bun them during the week.

*Don't mind the super shiny face/forehead

Saturday, September 17


With a face as beautiful as hers....she can pull off just about anything.

Cassie on 106 and Park

Yesterday's Hair

Everyone at work is starting to think my hair is just naturally curly like this. I even had a few people ask if I ever flat-iron my hair. I guess they want to see my hair straight too. My response was that I flat-iron or straighten my hair at the most twice a year, which is accurate.
Hey, just because I'm relaxed doesn't mean I want straight just means that I want it to be more manageable to my likings.

This is me last night

I love Giraffes

Friday, September 16

Weekend Hair Plans

So, the twists are coming back.

Today my hair is in a braid-out because I'm going to the Mike Epps Comedy show later on and my hair feels tangled. Doing twists will allow me to de-tangle my hair thoroughly and give my hair a break for a couple of weeks. I'm also running in a 5K on Sunday so I can easily rinse/wash my hair in the twists. Tomorrow afternoon, hopefully if time permits, I'm putting my hair right back in twists.
Weird- The longer my hair grows..the more I DON'T want to wear it out.

How to Steam Hair at Home- Without a Steamer

Steam treatments are great for your hair because they open the hair cuticle to allow a deep conditioner or oils to penetrate the hair shaft giving more moisturized, healthier, softer and stronger hair. In the long run, steam treatments(along with other healthy hair practices) contribute to our hairs health.

Professional Steamers can cost as low as $100, but the benefits of steaming hair is worth the purchase. I for one, wont be purchasing a steamer until I reach my hair goal (BSB) for now, home made steam treatments will have to do.

There are Two Ways I know to a Steam Treatment without a Steamer:

Option 1- Using the Shower and Hot Water

Place Deep Conditioner(or oils) in Hair
Place Plastic Cap over Hair
Go to your bathroom and Turn on the Hot Water then Close Your Door
The Steam from the hot water will give you a mild Steam Treatment
To not waste water you can shower, shave...or do whateeever you want in there

Option 2- Turban and Plastic Cap Method

What you need:
Plastic Cap or Bag
Hair Turban
Hooded Dryer

What you do:
Boil some water
Place Plastic Cap over Hair (that has the deep conditioner or oils in it)
Place the Turban in the Boiled water for about 10-15 seconds
Remove Turban and squeeze excess water out (maybe with tongs to avoid burning)
Remove the plastic Cap and Place Turban over hair
Place A Plastic Cap(or bag) over the Turban
If needed tie a scarf over the plastic cap to avoid any dripping and to secure heat/moisture
Sit under a dryer for 10-30 minutes

Thursday, September 15

Biggest Pet Peeve

My ALL time biggest pet peeve is when (in real life or in virtual life) someone doesn't take 2 seconds out of their day to say THANK YOU! Now, I know our parents (well I hope so) raised us better than that. 
I was reading a blog post on TheNaturalHaven and J.C said it best:

"Try saying thank you every single time you receive a compliment. I mean every single time. I mean, do not ever get used to people being nice to you, assume it is normal and not thank them for being kind. There is a very selfish reason for this because it is a lovely antidote to the odd bit of negativity that you will receive because if you are doing a good job, you will have to say thank you many more times than you will have to frown."
I am SOOOOOO quick to un-follow a blog or unsubscribe to a you-tube channel (I don't care how many subscribers or comments you have)  if I take time out of MY day to give a compliment..and don't receive a simple thank you in response. If you have time to write up a blog post or do a video..then you have time to say Thank you! 
Common courtesy should not be forgotten and in my eyes the lack there of is not forgiven!
On that note, I want to say a BIG THANK YOU to all of the people out there who take time to read my blog, comment or send emails! :-D

Wednesday, September 14

Pre-Journey Hair

For those of you wondering what my hair looked like before my hair journey, here you go.
I wore braids and weave off and on for like 8-9 years. When I was off the braids and weaves I would relax, then I would "grow" out my relaxer while wearing extensions.
The first pic is when I decided I no longer wanted to hide my hair with extensions. So the relaxer was done on a years worth of growth on natural hair.

May 2007

I got a wash and roller set weekly at the salon and a relaxer touch-up every 8 weeks but I didn't get a trim for at least 10 months.
This is my hair about 9 months later.

February 2008

My hair was obviously extremely thin so in November 2008 I cut my hair to above chin length and May 2009 I started my hair journey.

Monday, September 12

5 Reasons Why I LOVE Grapeseed Oil

I used Grapeseed oil in the past  for some of my oil mixtures and to seal,  but I got a little oil crazy and started buying all types of oils completely forgetting all about it.
Then I started seeing other bloggers raving about this oil and my sister who started using this a while back really liked it. So, I told myself as soon as I finish using my other oils, I will buy some more Grapeseed Oil.
Boy am I glad I did!

Now on to why I love Grapeseed Oil:

1.) Very lightweight- Chances of this weighing down your hair is slim to none unless you're extremely heavy handed. This oil is almost as light as Jojoba Oil!

2.) I can find this at Stop &Shop- Any oil I can find in my grocery store is a keeper for me! Especially if it's at a low cost. I purchased the above bottle for $4.79(8.45 oz)

3.) It's a natural heat protectant- Grapeseed oil can withstand temperatures up to 420 °F

4.) It's an Oil that contains Ceramide- Ceramides are great for hair, but most importantly chemically treated hair.
 Ceramides perform a “barrier function” and help reduce the hair’s overall porosity. Ceramides bind to the hair fiber in damaged, vulnerable areas to help prevent natural moisture and protein loss that occurs when we manipulate our hair. read more here about ceramides

5.) It is said to Promote hair Growth-Any product that I purchase that has a whole bunch of benefits and is ALSO said to promote hair growth...I love. . Even if it doesn't give me accelerated hair growth...just the fact that I read it could (or does) gives me some kind of hope. LOL
Studies have shown that antioxidants present in grape seeds promote proliferation of hair follicle cells and that it may be used to induce hair growth.

Sunday, September 11

New York City’s Fashion’s Night Out- #Wins and #Fail

# WIN Corrine Baily Rae- Looking oh so fabulous with some lush, voluminous curls!

# Win Solange- With a short, curly do. (not sure if this is a wig or weave) But I love it!

# Fail- Mary J. Blige rocking a blonde wig. Now I love me some Mary J. Blige and I am used to seeing her with blonde hair, but for some reason....this looks off to me.

Saturday, September 10

Lazy Saturday

Last night I did my wash routine (so relaxing!)  and this morning I used my Split-Ender on my ends. I was thinking of doing a braid-out for the weekend, but I'm just too lazy for anything but a Bun right now.

Friday, September 9

How to Stop the Stretching and Splitting of Earlobes

I recently purchased some large cross earrings which I love, but they are so darn heavy!!!

But then I remembered a Youtube video from one of my fav youtubers, Borderhammer, that showed a tricked on how to stop stretching or splitting earlobes!
Hope this helps someone!

Thursday, September 8

It's Worth a Try

Ever hear about trimming or cutting hair based on the New Moon cycle? I honestly don't see how trimming hair based on the new moon can increase length or thickness but it's a good schedule to follow in terms of ends maintenance.So, I will dust my ends on September 21st or 22nd...just for the heck of it. Hey,  I need to dust anyway, so why not then.

Best Days for Beneficial Haircutting in 2011:

March 18-20 - Spring Equinox — are the best dates to cut for spring and the ultimate dates for shaving one's head.

June 21-22 — Summer Solstice — are the best dates to cut for summer.

September 21-22 — Fall Equinox — are the best dates to cut for fall.

December 20-21— Winter Solstice — are the best dates to cut for winter.

Current Regimen

For the Month of September, I plan on following the below regimen. I haven't been to the gym for almost a month now(shame on me) so co-washing barely exists unless I need to wear a "down" style during the week.

So, for now, I am keeping things as simple as possible.

Pre-poo (with a conditioner and oil mix)
Deep Condition
Always follow up with Porosity Control
Blow-dry underprocessed hair on High/cool air to stretch out

Moisturize & Seal

Apply Sulfur mix to scalp at least 2 times a week
Spritz scalp/new-growth with Aloe Vera Mix at least 4 times a week
Wrap hair with satin scarf

Buns during week
Braid-outs on weekends if I feel like it

Monday, September 5

Weekend Wrap-Up- The Caruso Roller Set Fail Edition

I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend!
So....on Friday I had a half day so I decided to wash and deep condition my hair. I had no idea what I was going to do to it, but I knew I wanted to blow-dry my hair to stretch the under-processed areas and speed up the drying process.
BUT as I was blow-drying, the comb attachment broke on me! I was only done with half of my I had to air-dry the rest. As I was blow-drying, I placed each complete section in a bantu-knot which resulted in nice waves/curls...but since I couldn't finish the job...I decided to airydry and use my caruso rollers instead.

The roller-set didn't come out that nice because my hair couldn't hold a curl for the life of it!

So, I decided to do a 2 braid braid-out on dry hair next...which was also a fail because of the straight ends.  LOL hair ended up in a bun by Sunday night! 

Thursday, September 1

Another Comparison

Sick of these yet?

This is my hair 9-5-2010 (braid-out...of course)

And this is my hair yesterday

I see a difference..not only in length, but thickness!