Saturday, April 20

My Natural Hair Regimen

Hey Hey Hey! 
I apologize for the lack of blog posts this past week, I've been traveling for work and couldn't muster up any energy to get on here. 

Anyway..I have been fully natural for 6 weeks and finally figured out a regimen that works best for me. 

I believe it’s very simple and conducive to my lifestyle while helping me retain length and limit manipulation.

I’m going to do this differently... which will show you what I do with my hair week by week.

Saturday, April 13

Wednesday, April 10

Straight from My Tumblr

Do you have Tumblr? If so, are you following me? If not, really should be!!

Anyway..just wanted to share some of my recent pics. 
This is mostly a hair inspiration blog, but I post other things that interest me as well. 
If I'm not on here, you can most definitely keep up with me on there. 

Monday, April 8

My Top 3 Transitioning to Natural Tips

Relaxed to Natural 

Hey Everyone!

I'm trying to do a “tips” post once a week. I don’t want to drown you all in posts all about me, me, me, me. haha

For this week, because it’s fresh on my mind, I will do one on transitioning.

Saturday, April 6

Steps I Took for Thicker Hair

I receive questions on ways to thicken up relaxed hair all the time. 
See below for how I did it. 

My Hair went from this in July 2010 

To this in September 2011

Wednesday, April 3

Recent Buys

Hey Hey Hey. I just wanted to show you my recent purchases. 

Keep on reading if you're interested! 

Monday, April 1

What to Expect After the Big Chop

Hey Everyone! Hope you had a great Easter. For all my transitioning readers, this one is for you!

What to expect after the BC: