Sunday, January 26

Relaxed Hair is Versatile TOO

Many times when I read natural hair spotlight interviews, they state that their natural hair is so much more versatile than when relaxed. That may be the case for them and I will never dispute or argue their truths, but I feel a little differently. Relaxed heads can do the same exact styles as naturals. The styles may look different and the hair won't revert back to curly, but relaxed hair is just as versatile.
Let's be real, in general, WE are very creative when it comes to hair. It doesn't matter if we're relaxed, natural, loc'd, weaved, wigged, braided, ect., versatility isn't much of an issue.  

Here are just a few ways I styled my hair when relaxed: 

I Made APL and HOTD

Happy Sunday! 
Hope you're having a fabulous weekend!

This weekend I decided to wear my hair out and when randomly pulling a piece of hair down, I realized it touched my arm pits! To say I was surprised is an understatement. Now, only the back portion of my hair is full APL, but I'm okay with that. I prefer a layered look anyway. The front of my hair goes below my chin and the sides are past collar-bone. I will do an official length check when I reach one year natural. Just to note, my hair DOES NOT grow the average 6 inches a year. I retained about 10-10.5 inches of growth in 2 years and grew 6-7 inches(of natural growth) when transitioning for 16 months. 

So, as a brief recap of where I started at 16 months post relaxer: 

Wednesday, January 22

My Hair Products

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From left to right:

Aloe Vera Juice Mix-(Aloe Vera Juice(40%) Water(60%) a few drops of Rose Oil)- I spritz my hair daily and nightly with this before I seal with an oil or butter

Shea Moisture- Yucca &  Baobab Thickening Growth Milk-
I rarely use this, but when I have my hair in twists, I sometimes use this to seal instead of an oil or butter. Once done I will not be repurchasing 

Saturday, January 18

My Wet/Natural Hair Texture

I rarely get to see my wet hair loose because I always wash in braids. Because I was doing a Henna and Indigo treatment, and had to wash my hair loose, I got to see my fro in all its glory.

Sunday, January 12

Twists to a Braid-Out

When I first went back to natural, I hated the way braid and twist-outs looked on me. I stuck to the same ol' puff and kept it moving. Now that I have a little more length, I have been experimenting with more "down" styles. For now, I am going to try more braid-outs, twist-outs and bantu-knots.
Later on in the year I am going to stop being lazy and use my flexi-rods, perm-rods, rollers and even my caruso rollers. I'm not about wasting my money, so I will most definitely put those curlers to use. 

On to my hair: 

Saturday, January 11

New Products

When I started my hair journey, I was buying new products like crazy, always trying to find the next best thing. 
Well, things have changed. I rarely purchase new products unless I really need them. I basically stick to what I have and re-purchase when necessary. 

Sunday, January 5

A Year in Review - 2013

Happy New Year!!

I hope your year is starting off great and wishing you all much happiness in 2014 and beyond. 

I started 2013 transitioning, with the urge to big chop, and I ended the year as a happy natural. 
I have learned so much about my hair in the last year and realized that less is really more. 
I don't use many hair products, tools or manipulate my hair often and my hair is thriving. 

Now here is my 2013 hair in review. 

January- My go to transitioning style. The high bun