Friday, November 30

My Hair Journey Truths

  • The only hair biotin made grow faster was my facial hair
  • Growth aides did JACK for me! They never gave me any accelerated hair growth, but for the most part..the ones I have tried kept my new-growth soft. 
  • I've hopped on just about every band wagon at the start of my journey except for applying vaginal cream to my scalp and the "greenhouse" effect(well I have placed a shower cap on my head, but never used that term).
  • I've realized that truly keeping it simple is the way to go, but trial and error helped me get to that point
  • I think I'm going to BC soon!
  • Sike!
  • I'm very heavy handed with oils and pillows are NOT thanking me for that, but Tide is! 
  • I have always loved curly/textured hair styles, so I guess wearing my natural hair works in my favor. 
  • Although I don't do official length checks anymore, I do pull down pieces of my hair sometimes to see how long they are, but I mainly focus on my natural hair now. 
  • I can't WAIT until I'm fully natural!!!!!!!!!! But y'all already know that. 

What are yours?

Nape Breakage

I recently had a question regarding nape breakage and referred to this post. I decided to reblog this in hopes of helping others as well.
I experienced nape breakage in one section of my nape, due to underprocessed relaxers. So to help stop the breakage, I kept my nape braided while the rest of my hair was loose. That way, my nape was protected and stayed moisturized at all times.

How I protect my nape 

Nape breakage is an issue that plagues many people.
I can really only offer one tip on preventing and/or fixing nape breakage or breakage in general.
Find the root (no pun intended) of your problem!

Wednesday, November 28

Taking all Questions or Suggestions

Hey Lovely Ladies(and gents!). Hope everyone is doing well!!!
Okay, so as some have noticed, I have been slacking majorly on my posting.
Not only have I been uber busy, but I need some inspiration, so that's where you come in!
Please feel free to email(or comment) me any questions on just about anything hair related! I will either do a post based on my own experience or do some research then do a post. Remember, I have been fully relaxed, braided up, natural and am now transitioning. So all questions whether it be product, technique, regimen or etc related, are welcome!


I promise to get back to regular posting as soon as I can!
Once again, thank you all for the continued support!
I smell a giveaway coming soon!!!

Sunday, November 18

Transition Update: 1 YEAR POST RELAXER

52 weeks post relaxer

It has been exactly 1 year since I relaxed my hair!!! Can you believe it? It feels like yesterday...YEAH RIGHT! I have been waiting for this day since I announced I was transitioning, but I guess it did go by kind of fast. 

On to my update:

  • I honestly feel like this transition has been fairly easy and plan on transitioning for at LEAST one more year. 
  • My natural hair is VERY tightly coiled, thick and keeping it stretched and moisturized has been the key to my success..with the addition of finger detangling, low manipulation and protective styling. 
  • My hair is still past Arm Pit Length and I plan to maintain this length until I big-chop. I am actually hoping for APL natural hair by the time I BC as well. Yes,I am long hair obsessed and proud of it! 
  • Shrinkage is CRAZY, but I accept it in all it's glory. 

46 weeks post relaxer - The nape is the shortest part of my relaxed hair due to weird underprocessing  in the past, but it's pretty healthy now. 

  • I haven't had ONE thought about relaxing my hair. Those days are long gone. 
  • I am really enjoying this transitioning process. My new favorite hair style is the high bun 

  • Glycerin mixed with water and some oils is my naturals hair best friend! Although my relaxed hair hates glycerin so I make sure not to spray the mix on it. 
  • I haven't used heat AT ALL this year. I don't plan on straightening my hair during this transition. 
  • I plan my hair styles and hair treatments 4 months out which helps me resist the urge to BC
  • I haven't worn any extensions since my last relaxer. I plan on doing single braids sometime in February, but I want to get to know my natural hair before doing so.
That's it for now. I may do a length check at the end of the year, but I need to figure out how to do so without heat. 
Thanks for all the support!! Here's to one more year! 

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Saturday, November 17

Today's Mini Haul

I rarely purchase hair products nowadays because I have staples that generally last a long time. 
This is probably my first time buying things for my hair in a couple months. 

Today's purchases consisted of:

1 oz Peppermint Essential Oil- $6.99 GNC 
1 oz Rosemary Essential Oil-  $3.50 GNC (was Buy 1 Get 1 50% off) 
I use the essential oils for my oil blends, shea-butter mix, aloe-vera mix and sometimes a few drops in my water spritz
Two 2 oz Fruit of the Earth Aloe Vera Gel- $.94 each at Target
2 Spray Bottles- $.94-$1.40 at Target 
I use the large spray bottle for my water or Aloe Vera Mix. The small bottle is for oil. 
Draw String Satin Bonnet- $1.49 at local Dollar Store
Brush - $1.00 at local Dollar Store
I already have a satin bonnet, but I thought the draw string bonnet was cool. lol. 
I use the brush to smooth my hair when doing buns. I don't brush throughout my hair just around the perimeter. 

That's all folks. Nothing exciting...but I'm proud to say I have kicked my habit! I am no longer a "Product Junkie" !!!

Sunday, November 11

Air-drying and Styling my Transitioning Hair

Happy Sunday!!! Hope you all are enjoying your weekend :-) 

This is a continuation of my last post. 

Now, if  I plan to wear my hair loose(i.e not in twists), I air-dry in braids or twists to stretch out the natural portion of my hair. 
Braids usually can get the job done, but I feel like braiding can be too much manipulation so I opt for twists. 
Because twists don't stretch the hair out completely, I band the top port of the twists(where my natural hair is) using glue-less and metal-less scrunchies. 
Before banding, I lightly misted my hair then added my Shea-Butter mix to each section. 

I have approx. 12 twists in my hair and I let it air-dry for about 2 hours. 

Don't worry, I did not leave the house like this. I could just imagine getting this look all day long if I did. 


My hair didn't dry with-in those 2 hours, so I grabbed my blow-dryer(which I haven't used in SO long) to finish the job.
I just pulled each twist taut and proceeded to blow-dry on high heat for about 30 seconds. Then on cool air for about 10 seconds. 

My hair looked like this after taking out the twists and bands. 

Saturday, November 10

51 Weeks Post Relaxer- Wash Day

After having these twists in my hair for 3 weeks, I decided to take them out. 
I honestly didn't feel like it and wanted to keep them in for another week, but they were starting to look a hot mess and I kind of missed my hair. 

It took me 3 hours to remove the twists, finger detangle, then detangle with a comb afterwards. 

This was my first time using a comb in almost 3 I lost a massive amount of hair. 
Now I have some big ole hands so you can just imagine how much hair that is. 
But I wasn't too worried. I still have A LOT of  hair on my head. 

I was seriously considering putting off wash day for next week..but I haven't Deep Conditioned my hair in over a month, so I figured it was time to do so. 

So I: 
Sectioned my hair into 8 parts
Detangled each section with a comb again
Spritzed each section with my Aloe Vera Mix
Then applied the Deep Conditioner- I used Wen Sweet Almond Mint- Re Moist Intensive Hair Treatment
Put that section into a ponytail and twisted the remainder of my hair
Then I oiled my scalp with EVOO

My hair looked like this after 

I let the DC sit all night and washed in the morning. 
I used my WEN Sweet Almond Mint as a shampoo. 

After Washing, my hair looked like this. 

This is WET hair

I then spritzed my hair with the Aloe Mix while still in the ponytails and applied Argon Oil to my hair.
My hair is now air-drying and I'm trying to figure out if I want to twist my hair next...


I doubt it!
But we'll see. 

Saturday, November 3

Castor Oil Experiment: Update

I know, I know..I have been gone for almost 2 weeks. I've just been so busy!! I still am, but because I promised an update on this castor oil experiment, I decided to  give one today. do you remember this post I did about applying castor oil to my lashes for strength and length? 
I am proud to say that I have been consistent with applying it daily, usually in the morning. 
I have noticed that my lashes are so much stronger than the past. I haven't seen a stray lash in months. 
I have also noticed they are a LITTLE longer than before, but it's not an extreme difference. 
But because they are stronger, I will continue to use the castor oil. 

On to the comparison shot. 

July 23, 2012 

November 3, 2012

* If anyone is thinking about applying castor oil to your lashes, be sure to rub the CO in very well to avoid blurry vision.