Wednesday, January 23

Transition Update: 14 Months Post Relaxer

Hey everyone! Hope you're having a great week so far!

Decided to come by and give you all an update on my transition.
So, I am officially 14 months post relaxer and things are going well.

A few things that I'm noticing:

Wednesday, January 16

How I Lay Down My "Edges"

As most of you know, high buns are one of my go-to transitioning styles. 
I am 2 days shy of 14 months post relaxer and thought getting that "sleek" look would be tough(without the use of heat or much manipulation), but surprisingly it isn't. 

If you would like to know how I smooth my "edges", well more so the front of my hair, then keep on reading. 


*Before I do any style on my hair, I always lightly spritz water(mixed with avj and oils) on it.

Wednesday, January 9

Quick Tip: 5 Ways to Use Shampoo

...that does not involve shampooing your hair. 

If you are a reformed product-holic like myself, you probably have a lot of products that you don't use. 
I have purchased many different shampoos before I found my staple, most of which I gave away, but I did keep a few for the below purposes. 

If you want to know a few ways to use up shampoo you have sitting around...keep on reading. 

1.) Cleaning hair scarves- What better way to clean off the hair products residue from your scarf than to wash with shampoo! I clean my scarves once a week and prefer to use shampoo to get the job done. I just fill up my sink, add a big squirt of shampoo then get to cleaning!

Tuesday, January 8

2013 Hair and Blog Goals

HEY HEY HEY!!! I hope everyone's year is starting off wonderfully! 
I just wanted to stop by and share my goals for my blog and hair with you all. 

Hair Goals 

  1.)  Continue to transition for AT LEAST 6 more months
     *In 6 months, I will be 20 months post relaxer. I refuse to big chop before then, knowing I will not be happy with the length of my hair.
*I should be able to fit my natural hair in a ponytail by then
*I kind of want to try wash and goes in the summer 

2.)   Maintain healthy hair all year long
*This is ALWAYS my goal. 

3.)  No Direct HEAT until AFTER I big chop
4.) Complete ALL of the styles on my transitioning style list

5.)  ENJOY my hair transitioning hair
*I need to stop focusing on the big chop and just enjoy my hair in it's current state

Tuesday, January 1

Did I Achieve My 2012 Hair Goals?

Let's see! 

1.) Maintain Healthy Hair with little to no breakage all Year

This is the last pic I took with my hair out. As you can see, it's pretty healthy. My hair has remained healthy all throughout the year and I experienced minimal breakage. I am happy with the state of my hair right now!