Sunday, July 31

Braids- Week 4

I am feeling sooooo lazy! I don't know if it's the braids or because of the weather, but I am really liking the idea of not styling MY hair daily. I still didn't re-do the front of my don't know when I'll actually get to that.

On Friday(had the day off) I washed and conditioned my braids with diluted shampoo and conditioner. When it was about 90% dry, I squeezed in leave-in conditioner through out the length of the braids.
Then I put the braids in  8 large braids, applied Aloe Vera Gel to the length. and when I took the braids out it looked like this...

 Wrapping the front of my hair is really concealing the true state of my braids.

This picture is at the end of the night, but it looked like a loose braid-out which was different then the straight braids I usually wear.

I hope everyone has a blessed week!

Friday, July 29

Growing Your Edges Back

Photo taken in April- My edges are lighter due to Henna treatments

Do you have thin edges?
Are they a problem area of yours?
Then keep on reading.

There are many causes of "thin edge syndrome", so in order to grow them back, you have to identify the culprate, change your hair care practices then work on repairing 

  • Too tight ponytails
  • Too tight Braids
  • Excessive brushing (more so with a hard bristle brush) and combing
  • Improper removal of glue in weaves (use plently of oil and DO not comb the glue out, gently take out with fingers)
  • Traction from Bonnets (flip the bonnet inside out so the elastic isn't rubbing on your hair line)
  • Traction from Half Wigs, Lacefronts etc (give your self breaks from them once in a while)

How to Grow Your Edges Back
  • If any of the above causes ring a bell to you, then you just need to do the opposite(if that makes sense).
  • Keep that area moisturized at all times
  • Make sure if you relax, you relax that area last
  • Apply an oil (most love Castor Oil because it's said to thicken the hair up) mixed with a few drops of an  essential oil (rosemary, eucalyptus, peppermint) to that area at least 3 times a week
  • You can also try ORS Fertilizing Temple Balm (it worked great for me after I accidently pulled one of my braids out-ouch!)
  • Very gently massage that area after applying an oil for at least 5 minutes
  • If the problem persists and it seems like NO hair is growing back, see a Doctor. It could something more serious such as Alopecia, extreme stress or your vitamin levels could be low.

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Wednesday, July 27

For All You Transitioners

Fusionofcultures (Laila) is one of my favorite You-Tubers who transitioned from relaxed to natural for 2 years without cutting off all her relaxed ends. I have been following her journey for a while and I adore her hairstyles and hair-care methods not to mention she has a great personality!
This video documents her cutting off her relaxed ends after not having a relaxer for 2 years!
I swear, everytime I watch one of her videos I think about transitioning! Especially after seeing all of the length she has after cutting off the relaxed ends.

                                Here's a little inspiration!

Hair Color?

I am a big fan of dark hair. I love how healthy one's hair can look when it's jet black.

Yes, I know this isn't her's..but a pure example of why I love dark hair!
Kelly at her album release party

I am also heavily focused on growth/retaining length this year.
The ONLY reason why I would consider coloring my hair to see how fast it grows...haha

Look at that new-growth! #nottryingtoinsult
Beyonce at Kelly's Album Release Party

Then I think about the dryness and breakage I COULD experience being double-processed and decide to stick to braids!

****I do have posts on Henna and other Natural ways to color hair that won't cause breakage! You can search for them in the search bar. This is just in reference to bleaching or having such a drastic color change that requires chemical treatments!****

Tuesday, July 26

3 Weeks in Braids

Braids after having them for 2 weeks

So I  had these braids in my hair for almost 3.5 weeks and I have no desire to take them out anytime soon.

I didn't re-do the front as planned this past weekend...but I really don't need to because the braids aren't causing much friction on my edges and I am able to cover it up with a headband easily!
*these pics are my braids at 3 weeks

I will DEF re-do the front this weekend though. I plan on keeping these braids in for 6-8 weeks I will either remove them the 12th or 26th. I have a trip planned for the 19th, so I am contemplating just re-doing the front again the 12th if it gets messy. I love the ease of having braids ...and I know I will be retaining most of my length wearing these.

Beware!!!!! You are about to see some jacked up pictures!!!

Monday, July 25

Caring for Biracial Hair?

..Black and White that is!

My little cousin is mixed...her father(my uncle) is black and her mother is white. Her mother has fine, curly hair I would say is like a 2A hair and her father has I believe 4A or 4B hair(slightly course like mine) that leaves my cousin with 3A texture (soft but tight curls).
Her mother has done a GREAT job caring for her hair. She learned how to braid/cornrow, use proper moisturizers and she really did her research when it came for taking care of hair not like hers.
But there are always new things to learn when it comes to hair no matter what.

I honestly think that caring for bi-racial hair is no different then caring for "Black" hair. As you know, our hair comes in all different kind of textures(just like other races), but it just takes finding the right products and using proper techniques to have healthy, manageable, beautiful hair.

There are many great website such as:

That offer tips on taking care of all different textures of curly hair.

I also found this link in that offers great tips on caring for "biracial" hair. Now of course they are promoting their own products, which I ignore, but the tips offered are helpful!

*You can also browse my blog for some healthy hair tips...they aren't really geared to once specific hair type.

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Da Brat

Blast from the Past, Da Brat looks gorgeous with this new hair do! I'm pretty sure this isn't her real hair, although from what I remember her hair is nice, but she looks great!!!

Images: Vibe

Sunday, July 24

Sally's Haul and More

I originally went to Sally's to pick up the ORS Lye Normal Relaxer because I saw it was on sale when I purchased my braid spray a few weeks back. I didn't purchase it then because the Sally's I went to wasn't as good as the one near my I waited a while and as I suspected got some more good deals at the Sally's I typically visit.  :-D

ORS Lye Relaxer- Normal- $5.29 (Used this last time I relaxed and it's a new staple)

ORS Replenishing Conditioner Pack- $1.19
 (I originally purchased the bottle in May, but when doing my May purchases post..I realized they charged me $6 or $7 more then they were supposed to, so I returned it. I meant to buy the bottle at normal cost, but forgot to..and now with braids..don't really need it. I do need this for when I relax though, so I picked up the packet.)

Roux Fermodyl (233) Leave- In treatment for Double Processed Hair-$1.50 *typically $6 +
(I used this in the past and my hair loved it. The back of the package says:
  • Treats color treated hair that is bleached, permed or relaxed
  • Penetrates the Cortex to help improve and repair damaged surface areas of the hair
  • helps re-hydrate porous, moisture depleted hair
  • Improves porosity and elasticity
  • seals the cuticle to help reduce breakage and intensify shine
I just read the ingredients and it has sodium lauryl sulfate in it and other ingredients I am currently researching. I know I used it in the past and liked it, but for some reason I'm now hesitant. Thank goodness it only cost $1.50.

Salon Care Slotted (Perm) Rods- Pack of 12- $.40
 ( Not sure how I will use this, but it may be on the ends braid-outs...I basically got it because it was 40 cents..LOL)

Out of Africa Organic Shea Butter Soap(Lavender)-  $2.69
( May use this to wash my face at night, I liked the ingredients )
Ingredients: Organic shea butter, palm kernel oil, olive oil, lavender essential oil, purified water(not sure if it's bad that there is water in this because all other ingredients are oils..but I'll still try it out)

Total Spent: $11.83

I picked up the below at a Dollar Store near my parents house.

Hot Six Oil(8 Fl. Oz)- $5.00 ( I liked a few of the oils listed in the ingredients such as, Sweet Almond Oil, Wheat Germ Oil, Castor Oil and it has Vitamin A and D in it. Not to mention, I love the fact that you can just spray it on! It also smells great!)

ORS Creamy Aloe Shampoo- $2.00 ( This is the neutralizing shampoo I will use for my relaxer. I didn't buy full bottles because I already have 2 different neutralizing shampoos and relax so in-frequently. I do want to use the whole ORS line during my next relaxer)

Total Spent: $7.00

As said before, I purchased braid spray earlier in the Month, which cost $2.80, so I spent a total of about $20.00 on hair products (not including the face soap)
Not too Shabby. I should be good until September..I have everything I need at this moment

Wednesday, July 20

5 Things NOT to Do ......

...when starting off on a healthy hair journey!

  1.  Do not compare your hair to others. 
  2.  Do not buy every product you see based on a simple suggestion or product review
  3.  Do not THINK what works for one person will work for you
  4.  Do not put all of your faith in a Stylist...Learn to style your own hair(minus the chemicals) No-One will Love your hair more than you.
  5.  Do not forget to do your RESEARCH!

Monday, July 18

Braids Regimen

I like to document my regimen each time I have braids, so if my hair feels any differently when removing them, I know why.

So far I had these braids in for 2 weeks. The front is getting a little messy so I will re-do that this weekend. I am also 10 weeks post relaxer.

Every Morning I:
Spray my scalp with my Aloe Vera Mix
Spray the length of my braid with African Pride Braid Spray
Spray the length of my braids with Hot Six Oil (I found one that is sprayable.. if that's even a word)
Slick down edges with Eco Styler Gel

Every Night I:
spray the length of my hair with African Pride Braid Spray
Put the braids in 2 big cornrows
Then Wrap my hair like the below or do the baggy method

I was originally going to wash my hair every 2 weeks, but wasn't able to do so this past weekend, so I will wash my hair this weekend. Honestly, my scalp & hair really is not that bad which I believe is due to the Aloe Vera Mix(Aloe Vera Juice &Gel mixed with Castor Oil, Eucalyptus Oil and Peppermint Oil) I use. But I will be able to see the true state of my hair and scalp once I re-do the front.

Saturday, July 9

God Called Upon one of his Angels last night.
The lifetime of memories we have of you is what keeps us strong.
 To the woman who put God and Family above all....My Grandmother...Granny, you will forever be Loved and  Missed.


Friday, July 8

Coupon Code- AyurNatural Beauty

For all my readers that are into Ayurvedic Hair of my favorite vendors is offering a 20% off coupon code that expires at 11:59pm today.
Only catch is that minimum purchase is $20. :-/

This is where I purchase my Indigo and also purchased various herbal powders such as Alma and Brahmi in the past.

Coupon Code: ANB2BDAY


Wednesday, July 6

Hair Growth Cycle

I'm surprised I haven't posted this on my blog yet. I think it's because I see this in so many different blogs/forums and I figure you all do too.
I decided to post this just because I think this is information everyone should have.
All information was taken from:

Hair Stucture

Hair is composed of strong structural protein called keratin. This is the same kind of protein that makes up the nails and the outer layer of skin.

Each strand of hair consists of three layers.
An innermost layer or medulla which is only present in large thick hairs.

The middle layer known as the cortex. The cortex provides strength and both the color and the texture of hair.

The outermost layer is known as the cuticle. The cuticle is thin and colorless and serves as a protector of the cortex.

Structure of the hair root
Below the surface of the skin is the hair root, which is enclosed within a hair follicle. At the base of the hair follicle is the dermal papilla. The dermal papilla is feed by the bloodstream which carries nourishment to produce new hair. The dermal papilla is a structure very important to hairgrowth because it contains receptors for male hormones and androgens. Androgens regulate hairgrowth and in scalp hair Androgens may cause the hair follicle to get progressively smaller and the hairs to become finer in individuals who are genetically predisposed to this type of hair loss.

The Hair Growth Cycle

Hair follicles grow in repeated cycles. One cycle can be broken down into three phases.

Anagen - Growth Phase
Catagen - Transitional phase
Telogen - Resting Phase

Each hair passes through the phases independent of the neighboring hairs.

Anagen Phase - Growth Phase
Approximately 85% of all hairs are in the growing phase at any one time. The Anagen phase or growth phase can vary from two to six years. Hair grows approximately 10cm per year and any individual hair is unlikely to grow more than one meter long.

Catagen Phase - transitional phase
At the end of the Anagen phase the hairs enters into a Catagen phase which lasts about one or two weeks, during the Catagen phase the hair follicle shrinks to about 1/6 of the normal length. The lower part is destroyed and the dermal papilla breaks away to rest below.

Telogen Phase - resting phase
The resting phase follows the catagen phase and normally lasts about 5-6 weeks. During this time the hair does not grow but stays attached to the follicle while the dermal papilla stays in a resting phase below. Approximately 10-15 percent of all hairs are in this phase at an one time.

At the end of the Telogen phase the hair follicle re-enters the Anagen phase. The dermal papilla and the base of the follicle join together again and a new hair begins to form. If the old hair has not already been shed the new hair pushes the old one out and the growth cycle starts all over again

Sunday, July 3

My Signature Braids

I put some braids back in my hair. All that know me....are pretty used to these braids since they are the only type of single braids I do. I used Kanekalon hair and of course braided from root to tip then boiled ends.

Now it's time for me to REALLY enjoy the long weekend! :-D