Thursday, March 28

Throwback Thursday

One thing I love about having a personal blog is that I can look back at past hairstyles, regimens, etc. 

For today's Throwback Thursday, I decided to post how my hair looked in March 2011 and 2012. 

Braid-outs and turquoise/teal  seem to be the theme. 

Monday, March 25

Wash Night- The Final Result

I know, I know...another puff?!?! Well, if y'all read my last post and saw the trial should understand why I am sticking to this for now. 

If you follow me on Twitter(which you should!), you would have seen my tweet about not caring about curl definition. I really don't, which explains this puff. I like my hair this way and chances of me TRYING to define my curls are very slim. 
If I do make posts about it, it will be for y'all only... to show "how to do it". 

Saturday, March 23

Wash Night!

Hey Hey Hey!!

Last night while everyone was partying it up, guess what I was doing?? Yup you got it, washing and setting my hair. I actually enjoyed having a night in though. These last few months have been crazy for me!

Ok..before I start rambling, let me jump right in to my wash night. 

Friday, March 22

7 Reasons Why I Love Short Hair

I chose to do a long term transition because I never wanted to have short hair again.
But then I grew madly in love with my natural hair and said, “Bump that!”. Hair’s constantly growing and my hair will be even longer than before. So why not enjoy this new found length?

So, what do I like about having short hair?

Thursday, March 21

Twist It Up Twist It Up!

Hey Ladies and Gents! ;-) 

I have received MANY questions about twists on relaxed or transitioning hair. 
So, I decided to do a quick post on it. 

Now you all know that twists were my signature transitioning style. I wore them about 90% of the time to minimize manipulation and keep my hair tangle free. 

On to my tips..

Wednesday, March 20

Roll Call!

Hey, Hey, Hey!

Can you please take this poll so I can have a better gauge of my audience?

It's more for you than me! :-D

Thank you!!


Sunday, March 17

Weekend Wrap Up: NYC Edition

Hey Ladies! Hope you all had a great weekend!
I haven't done a weekend wrap-up in so long!! I need to get back to this. 

Let me jump right in. This is going to be short one, since I didn't take many pics :(

Wednesday, March 13

Length Check: 15.75 Months Post Relaxer

Hey Ladies! 

I said I wasn't going to focus on length and I won't. I decided to do a length check to remember where I started later on down the line. Also, when transitioning, I would watch so many length check videos to have an idea of where my hair might be after X amount of months. I know we all have different growth rates and body shapes, but it still helped me. it is. 

Tuesday, March 12

Oldies but Goodies!

Hey, Hey, Hey!

So I'm going through that dreaded "dry" phase after the big chop. Although my hair is in chunky twists, I can still feel that my hair is drier than the Sahara(no matter how much I moisturize it)

Instead of purchasing a bunch of hair products that I am not yet familiar with, I decided to go back to what worked best.  
I have used everything pictured and being a former relaxer stretcher(and long term transitioner), I grew to learn what worked well on my natural hair. 

Keep on reading if you're interested in seeing what I purchased. 

Monday, March 11

Big Chopped...Now What??

Left: Fresh out of damp braids
Right: Shrunken hair 
I first want to thank each and every person that commented on my big chop post!!! You all made me feel even more confident about my decision and I sincerely appreciate the love!! on to my hurr.

Friday, March 8

Review: Taliah Waajid- The Great Detangler

As you all know, I purchased this product about 2 weeks ago. Since then, I have used it on my twists, to detangle when I took them out and on my loose hair. 

It honestly doesn't take me a while to figure out if I like a product or not, so I decided to come on here and give you all my opinion on it. 

If you're interested in The Great Detangler then keep on reading.