Saturday, May 28

Blackest Black

So...I purchased an ION Blackest black semi permanent hair color a while back and because I will now only do Henna and Indigo treatments, I decided to use it on Thursday night. Rinses usually wash out quick which is why I will use Henna and Indigo in the future, but just because I had it, I decided to use it.
Because these have no chemicals in them, I think they are the best option for getting black hair.

How I did it:

Shampooed hair
then applied the rinse in sections completely saturating my hair
Covered with Plastic Cap
Let sit for 2 hours (only needs to be left on for 20 minutes max, but I was doing a lot around the house and didn't have time to wash out)
Rinsed out for like 10-15 minutes with Cool water
Applied conditioner and let sit for 3 minutes
rinsed out

Friday, May 27

Yay for 4 posts this week! I am really trying to post as often as possible to keep you all interested and engaged! I have over 300 posts and I had this blog for a year now.  Sometimes I think I blogged all I can about hair..but there are always new things you learn and something I do or buy that I want to share.

I plan on doing a give-away soon, since I finally have 50 blogger followers (this isn't counting my feed subscribers). So...stay tuned!!

A big THANK YOU too all that continue to come back and read my lil ol' blog!
Have a Blessed and Safe Memorial Day weekend!

Self- Relaxer Tips

So...I completely forgot to do a follow-up relaxer post and decided instead of doing that, I will offer some helpful tips. Most of these I followed during my relaxer process.
I used ORS Lye Relaxer in Normal

First thing you should always do if you're self relaxing is CHECK THE WATER IN YOUR HOUSE TO MAKE SURE IT"S WORKING PROPERLY! hahaha.
Okay, after watching Malcolm X, I have the biggest fear that my water will not work and I would have to stick my head in a toilet to get the relaxer out. Sounds crazy, right? Well I still check the water to make sure its working as it should.

1.) Base Scalp- Sounds like a duh kind of thing, right? But some people still don't do it. No matter if the relaxer says "No Base" or not, a base is needed. This is a VERY harsh chemical that should not be directly touching your scalp and if it does, that's what a base is for.  I used plain ol' Vaseline.

2.) Do Perimeter LAST- I always relax my edges and nape last because those are the most sensitive areas of my head. That goes for most people. If you have issues with your edges and nape could be due to over processing. So...relax those areas last if at all.

3.) Oil Already Relaxed Ends- To prevent Over processing, it's best to oil your already relaxed ends. I used Castor Oil which is one of the thickest oils I know

4.) Always do a Mid-Step Protein Treatment- After Rinsing out the relaxer, you should do a 2 minute Protein Treatment to replenish lost protein during the relaxer process. You will notice your hair becomes immediately stronger and you may not even get that "thin relaxed look" right after your relaxer

5.) Be sure to PROPERLY Neutralize- Neutralizing is the most important step because you are able to get ALL the relaxer out of your hair.  After my mid step protein treatment, I rinsed with Neutralizer twice, then I covered my hair with Neutralizer and kept that in for about 6 minutes, rinsed again.
Getting a color activated neutralizer may be best for those who aren't sure.

6.) Lye or No Lye?- Check out this post to see the pros and cons of each relaxer. I use Lye. My hair is a lot less dry afterwards and I do not need a chelating shampoo to remove the calcium buildup a No-Lye Relaxer leaves behind.

Few other tips

Stay on time!- The recommended processing times are there for a reason. Set a timer and work as fast and efficiently as possible

Enlist Help- If you don't think you can do it yourself, either go to a trusted beautician or have someone close to you(that can follow directions) help you out

Add Oils or Protein to Relaxer- This helps slow down processing time and  somewhat prevents overprocessing. I had the relaxer in my hair for 25 minutes and it still did not get bone straight, which is great. I used Silk Amino Acids and added a little bit of Extra Virgin Olive Oil

**** Please note I am NOT a licensed beautician, just offering advice based on my own personal experience.
Relaxers are harsh chemicals so if you ARE NOT comfortable doing your own relaxer, please visit a licensed beautician to do so!! ***

Have any other tips??? List them in the comments section

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Thursday, May 26

Got the Braids Itch

 Summer is almost here and one of my most visited styles are single braids.
I used to do these at least once a year, to get a break from daily styling, and I think it's that time of the year to do them again.
The only issue is that last year when I did them, the longest I would keep them in,was 3 weeks.
I always do them myself, so the only thing wasted is time.... but I'm wondering if it's worth it.
Retaining length is so easy for me when in braids, so I'm about 90% sure I'll do them...I even set a date, July 1st, which I'll be 8 weeks post.
So..we'll see.

One style I am considering are Senegalese Twists. I have never done these before, but I watched some you-tube videos and they don't seem too difficult. I will probably practice doing a few before I commit to doing my whole head...


Tuesday, May 24

Last on my Wish List!

Crea Clips!

I heard these are God(I usually don't use this term) sent for self-trimmers. In an effort to be a complete DIYer, I think these will be perfect for my arsenal. You would basically place the clip on the section of hair you are looking to trim, drag it down, level it and cut directly beneath where the clip is placed. I would do the sides, then back instead of all at one time.
It cost about $35.00, but I heard it's well worth it.

I would def have someone else trim the back and even the sides for me, but it's kind of "fool-proof" so they can't mess it up.

This is the absolute last thing I want or need and I plan on ordering it soon.

Does anyone have these? If so, reviews are welcomed!

Monday, May 23

Too Much Work?

"Seeing your hair makes me want to start taking better care of my hair, but it's just too much work"

That's a comment I received from a friend, only because she remembers how my hair was when it was cut really short due to damage.

My response was that it doesn't take a lot of time or work(although it does require change in current methods) to get your hair to be healthy and grow. I may do a lot...but that's only because I am super anal with my hair and I found new things that work for me.

For those that think the best advise is to start off small.
When, I first embarked in my hair journey..I kept things super simple and this may even work for you.

***Washed, Deep Conditioned(I only used one type of DC, ORS Replenishing pack because it had a nice blend of moisture and protein)  and roller set once a week or every 2 weeks depending on how my scalp felt
***Moisturized Daily
***Wrapped nightly- with silk or satin scarf
***Detangled as needed
***Trimmed/dusted every 8 weeks
***Relaxed every 8, 10 or 12 weeks.

The main things you have to pay attention to are your Moisture and Protein balance (especially for those who are relaxed),  be cautious of how you manipulate your hair  and be EXTRA cautious of overprocessing when relaxing.

Taking care of your hair shouldn't be complicated. You just have to find what works for you, be aware of the "hazards" and you will def see some progress! :-)

Friday, May 20

Today's Hair

You guessed it!!!

 My "signature" braid-out. I wear buns all week long and on Friday's and Saturday's I usually rock a braid out.

Thursday, May 19

Teyana Taylor

Would you do this to your hair?

I think it suits her well! She's young, she can get away with this.

Actress/Singer Teyana Taylor debuted a new hair color on Twitter today with the following tweet:

Well-behaved b!tches seldom make history.

Source: twitter

Wednesday, May 18

It's Getting Bigger


BUT, it came a long way from when I started.

I just put my hair in a ponytail with a ouchless band, then wrapped my hair around it.

I suck at taking pics of the back of my head!!! Sorry for the blurriness!

Got Some More Indigo Powder :-)

I did my first Henna and Indigo treatment last year. SEE POST HERE!  And I loveed the results. Unfortunately, I continued on with Henna Treatments minus the Indigo and my my hair lost the jet black look.

When my hair is jet black, I think it looks so healthy and fuller for some reason, so I am going back to Henna and Indigo treatments.
I will be doing those once every 2 months, maybe more often depending on how my hair feels/looks.

I purchased 500G @ $30.00 + $8.00 shipping from
Shipping was extremely fast! I love that site especially since I can't find Indigo ANYWHERE!!!

Monday, May 16

Sharpening Hair Shears with Aluminum Foil

I will be trimming my hair soon and was contemplating purchasing a new pair of Shears.
I purchased the shears I currently own last July I believe, but because I dust often, I was wondering if they may be dull.
The last time I trimmed a half inch to 1 inch was in January and even with all these protective styles and ends didn't maintain as well as I thought they should. Could they be the Shears?

Now we all know..cutting hair with a dull pair of Shears is just as bad as not trimming at all. They can cause hair to split just as fast.

So, I was looking up ways to sharpen shears on-line. There are many different methods and techniques, such as using whetstone, sand paper or even going to a local Fabric Store and asking them to sharpen it.

But the method of sharpening with Aluminum foil stood out to me and I did that over the weekend.

I used the same method outlined below and tested the "sharpness" on shed hair. The freshly sharpened Shears seemed to do the job, so I continued to "search & destroy" any split ends I saw.
I will do my real trim soon. (still not sure if I'll do it myself or buy a crea-clip and have someone do it for me)

Sharpening Hair Shears with Aluminum Foil

  • Tear off a six inch piece of aluminum foil and fold.
  • Fold over (as if you were making a paper fan) the piece of foil several times until the foil is thick.
  • Cut along the longest edge of the foil with the scissors that need to be sharpened. Cut several times through the thick foil. If you need to have the tip of the scissors sharpened, snip the foil with the tip of the scissors. Test on a piece of felt or thread. Repeat if necessary

Read more: How to Sharpen Scissors with Aluminum Foil


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Going Back... what I loved!
The first year of my hair journey, my products remained consistent and I actually found a few products that worked really well for me.
BUT, me being me, I thought I could find products that were better.
I did find some new products that I did like..but nothing beats what I used to use!

SO, the first product that I absolutely LOVED and don't know why I strayed away from, is the ORS Replenishing Conditioner. It has the perfect balance of moisture and protein and ALWAYS made my hair feel soft, well conditioned and a little bit stronger after rinsing out and for days leading to my next wash.
I still like the Aubrey Organics WC, but with this..I just can't go wrong.
Going forward, I will use this as my DC only. And the remainder of my other DC will be used only after Henna Treatments.

The next product is Roux Porosity Control. I used to use this once a week for a year, but when I started doing ACV rinses, I stopped. Porosity control, as most of you know, helps bring the PH of your hair back to a normal level. If you are having issues with retaining moisture or if your hair dry's super fast after washing, this is something you should look in to.
Anyway, I am now using this as a final rinse after 1 weekly co-wash and on Wash Day.

The last product is Roux Mendex. I used this ALL the time..but once again, I stopped for some reason. It is said to make hair strong and "mend" split ends which we all know can't be done. BUT it sure does make my hair strong. This is a light protein treatment that can be left on hair for one minute(then rinsed out) or for damaged hair, 10 minutes with a plastic cap(then rinsed out). I do the 1 minute way and use this on wash day.
My hair is NOT afraid of protein and this light protein treatment is perfect for me. I'm not sure how often I will use this, but I'll keep ya'll posted.

Sally's had a BOGO sale on Roux products, so I bought them both for $12.99 total.
I originally purchased these products for Relaxer Day, which I did use them then, but I am keeping these in my weekly rotation.

Wednesday, May 11

Sad Realization and New Hair Goal

So, I had my hair down for 4 days and I just couldn't WAIT to wash it and put it back in a bun! Which I did last night/this AM.
My Sad Realization is that I think I'm addicted to Protective Styling. Haha. I think I do them now because I'm just so used to it and I feel as if they look good on me ....more then for the "protective" aspect.

Ok, on to the Hair Goals!

I am happy with the length I am at. I don't really care if my hair reaches Bra-Strap-Length anymore because I know I can make it there.

My New Hair Goal is to have thick hair from root to tip. So, with that being said..I will trim a half inch(which is how much I usually grow a month) every other month. That means I will cut off half of my progress until December. My hair should still go below APL, but I doubt it will reach BSL by December anymore. I am completely fine with that though!!!

Now you ask why don't I cut it all off at once?-  My ends aren't damaged because I dust them regularly. They are just not as thick as I would like because they are "pre-hair-journey" hair. My hair is usually in textured styles if down or in a bun, so they don't bother me so much for me to chop it off all at once. I also don't want to loose too much length at once!

My regimen will remain basically the same.

Tuesday, May 10

My Actual Hair Color

The pictures in my last post had my hair looking real dusty and brown..#blametheflash!

My hair is actually a very dark brown..not quite black. But because of the henna treatments, I have a slight red tint when sunlight hits it.

This is my hair color in the sun:

My Hair Color In-doors:

Monday, May 9

Quick Hair Update

Hey Everyone!  Hope you all had a great weekend and a Blessed Mother's Day (although that should be celebrated EVERY DAY).

So, I relaxed on Friday night. My Mom did the back while I did the front. So, when I did the front right section, she did the back left section. My mother was a little afraid of ruining my the back is a little underprocessed. No biggie though(even though I was a bit angry at the moment).

More on the Relaxer and Flat Ironing Process coming soon.
I did flat-iron on 310 degrees in the back and 285 on the remainder of my hair.
I wanted to do a black rinse, but didn't in fear of ruining my parents shower and sink.

Sorry to rush this post!
Here are some pics. The flash was on, so it made my hair look really brown.

I dusted a little after these pics. But I plan to cut off a half inch or more in 3-4 weeks.
My hair is unintentionally layered, if anyone recalls from a past post, I had breakage in my crown(it was like 1 inch long) which is now past neck length.It's making a lot of progress, but my hair isn't as full as it should be!!! Argghhh!

Wednesday, May 4

Relaxer Fears

*Beware- Nothing but Relaxer Posts until I get my next touch-up.

As stated before, I will be getting my touch-up on Saturday!
I'm kind of nervous because this will be done "at home" and the last two times I relaxed myself, I was left under-processed. And not the normal underprocessed either! I was relaxed at my roots, then there was new-growth in the middle then on to my relaxed ends. Kind of looking like this --------ZZZZZZ---------! The underprocessed areas were also very dry.

But, I made a few mistakes

* Didn't add enough relaxer to my new-growth
* Used a Mild Relaxer
* Didn't Smooth the Relaxer through all of my new-growth
* Washed the Relaxer out too soon
* when Basing my scalp, got Vaseline on my new-growth too
* Had NO assistance!

So, In order to prevent under-processing again, I will make the following adjustments

* Make sure to add Plenty of relaxer on my new-growth

* Switched to a Normal Relaxer- I think Normal suites me better because my roots are completely virgin. For Example; I don't use heat during my relaxer stretch so my new-growth is so strong and resistant to a Mild Relaxer. Although, I will be adding a table Spoon of Silk Amino Acids to my relaxer. But that shouldn't cause any issues of underprocessing, it would just leave my hair stronger after a relaxer.

* I will make sure to smooth the relaxer through all of my new-growth while trying to avoid getting any relaxer on my already relaxed ends

* I will time this relaxer but also assess the condition of my hair before washing out

* I will base my scalp with Vaseline about 1 hour before relaxing being extra careful not to get any Vaseline on my hair

* This time my Mother is helping me and my sister will be there to assist or guide my mother when necessary.
For this relaxer, I plan to have my mom do the back half of my hair while I do the front. So this will be an even application and leaving plenty of time to smooth out.

Wish me luck!!

P.S- I'm more scared of under-processing then over-processing because I will def make sure to wash the relaxer out at the suggested time.
I also don't want my hair to be bone straight, but relaxed to my likings!

Monday, May 2

Keeping My Fingers Crossed

I really hope to make Full Arm Pit Length by the next time I relax.

I have 4 months (well almost) worth of New-Growth and when I gently stretch my hair in the back down to the front, it looks like it reaches APL.

                                                            Hair Before Washing taken out of a bun

And when I stretch my hair in the front, it's almost touching APL.
                                                                          hair after washing

I'm really keeping my fingers crossed that I reach this goal, because if I do, I should def meet my final goal of Bra-Strap-Length by December.

*Sorry for the crappy quality pics

Just a reminder of where I started from in June of 2009- I kind of miss the short hair on me!

Sunday, May 1

Relaxer Prep

Next week I will finally get a relaxer touch-up! Yaaaaay!!!
 I will be 15 weeks post relaxer. I was originally going to relax at 16 weeks..but I reached my limit and I don't want to cause any unnecessary breakage.

Yesterday, a week before my relaxer..I did my typical relaxer prep.

*Deep Conditioned on Damp Hair with a Protein Conditioner- ORS Hair Mayonnaise

* Rinsed out then Clarified with Dr. Woods Black Soap with Shea Butter ( I didn't add any oils or anything because I wanted to strip all product off my hair)

* Applied my Moisturizing Deep Conditioner- Aubrey Organics White Camelia mixed Hemp Seed Oil and Castor Oil

* After leaving the Deep Conditioner in my hair for about 2 hours, I detangled before rinsing it out and put each section in twists. My hair was so soft and easy to to comb through! I will use this method going forward!

*Rinsed out the Deep Conditioner

*Applied Leave-ins then lightly detangled again

For the remainder of the week, I will just leave my hair alone. I will moisturize as needed but I won't be putting any gel in my hair.Hopefully there will be no scratching my scalp!! My mother will be assisting me with this relaxer, but I think I may do the half-half method. Can't wait!
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