Friday, May 24

Benefits of Rose Oil for Hair

A while back, I purchased some rose oil (from a local Moroccan store) and have been adding a few drops in water or my AVJ mix for moisture and fragrance.  I would typically spray that water on my hair before sealing it in with oil or my shea-butter mix.
If you’re interested in the benefits of Rose Oil for hair, then keep on reading.

Thursday, May 23

Quick Tip: Finger Detangling with Gloves

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Do you finger detangle? Well try wearing a pair of tightly fit, vinyl gloves when doing so.
I discovered the ease of detangling with gloves when doing my Henna and Indigo treatment last week.
My fingers glided through my hair and I was left with no visible breakage.
Think detangling with a smooth, wide tooth, seamless comb. That is the feeling I got when detangling with my gloves on.
The added perk is that you won’t chip your nail polish in the process.
Try it out and let me know how it works for you!

How I finger detangle:
  • Lightly dampen hair with detangling spritz
  • Separate hair in about 8 sections
  • Work with one section at a time
  • Grab one section and gently separate (in a horizontal motion) the hair little by little
  • Then rake fingers through hair in a combing fashion, stopping whenever met with tangles.
  • If tangles are found, gently tug at each strand to gently remove the hair from the shed hairs that caused the tangles. (That was a mouthful!.LOL)

That’s all folks. Finger detangling doesn’t take me any more time than detangling with a comb. I only use a comb about once a month and finger detangle about 3 times a month.

Sunday, May 19

Natural Purple Hair Dye- Reshma Femme

Update: After using this Henna, my hair was still very black. It darkened my hair, but it did not turn purple or anything remotely close to purple.


I have been thinking about coloring my hair, other than jet black, for a while now. 
I was in a local BSS and came across this Reshma Playful Plum Henna hair color! 
I was beyond excited. But before purchasing this, I tried to find some reviews to see if it actually turned hair purple. I couldn't find any, so I guess I'll find out for myself. 

Saturday, May 18

Friday, May 17

More Trials

Happy Friday!! I am so happy the weekend is here AND it's supposed to be beautiful...yay!!

Anyway, tonight I'm staying in for a much needed relaxing night. But to kick my weekend off, I will be doing a Henna and Indigo treatment. 
I took out my weekly protective style and decided to play around with my hair. 

I just wanted to share a few of the styles I tried out. 


Monday, May 13

"Average" Hair Growth

They say on average, hair grows a half inch a month. 
Well, I don't get the average growth. 
I measured my hair out of curiosity and all around, my hair is about 8 inches. I have been relaxer free for almost 18 months, so I am about 1 inch below the average growth. 
And you know what? That's okay with me. I have very healthy hair care practices and take care of myself. At this point, there's nothing else I can or want to do to increase my growth rate. 

But if your hair is not growing the "average" rate and would like to see an are some tips.

Sunday, May 12

Random Hair Pics

Hey Hey Hey!
First, I want to say HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!!!
Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend. 
I just wanted to come by and share some more random hair pics.
I think I may finally put in some single braids with added hair soon. I've been getting that itch since I love me some braids. 

Anyway..on to the pics. 

Tuesday, May 7

Repost: Satin Donut Bun

I was browsing through my stats and saw that this is one of my most popular posts. Who woulda thought that! Anyway..I decided to re-post this just in case anyone missed it. 

You could also roll up a sock to create a donut...there are many tutorials on YT. 
I purchased this donut bun a while ago but never used it because of the texture. I thought it would dry my hair out and that defeats the whole purpose of protective styles.

 So, yesterday while I had a little down time, I decided to cover it up with a satin scarf. I just cut a thin strip of my satin scarf and sewed it around the donut.

Monday, May 6


I tried 3 new things this past week that I wanted to share with you.
1.) Went to work with Dookie Braids

Poll Results: Let's Chat

Hey, Hey, Hey!!
Hope you all had a great weekend!
If you recall, I created a poll to get a good gauge of my audience so I can cater to everyone's needs.
A big Thank You to everyone that "voted"!
Just in case anyone was curious of the results, here they are.

Wednesday, May 1

Quick Tip: When Baggying

On the forum I frequent, a young lady posted an issue she was having because of baggying. 
She noticed that her edges were thinning because of the plastic cap.

Super Random: Hair, Beauty and More

Hey, Hey, Hey!!

I feel like I haven't been on here for a while...and I really haven't which I apologize once again for. 
I missed talking to y'all...Which leads me to this super random post. 

Where should I start?? Of course hair, right?

So..what's been up with my hair?
Not a d*mn thang. Haha. If you read my regimen post, then you have a pretty good idea of what my hair been looking like. 

For a brief reminder, see exhibit A and B.

Exhibit A:
Weekend Hair