Friday, December 30

Final "Length Check"

No matter how many pics I took of the back of my head...I just couldn't get a good one.
I know this isn't great, but it's the best I could do.

Hair was lightly flat-ironed at 310 degrees
Not styled yet
I plan to chop off at least 2 inches in April(remember I'm in bet)
The middle of my hair grows soooo much faster than the sides
I AM STILL FAAAR FROM Bra-Strap-Length- and I really don't care :-D

Sorry about the spots...NO, it's not toothpaste since this mirror is in my hallway and the mirror is clean..not sure what's going on :-/

Tuesday, December 20

Celebrity Look Alike - Serena Williams

For years and years I have been told that I look like Serena Williams....facially that is(lol).
At first I thought it was because of the braids I used to wear, but I still hear it to this DAY (actually, today to be exact).

I don't take it as a compliment or insult....I just don't see it. tell me..Do you really think I look like Serena Williams?

Saturday, December 17

Caruso Roller Set on Relaxed Hair

I dusted off my Caruso Rollers and finally used them tonight.
I put a total of 12(I believe) rollers in my hair and before doing so, I moisturized each section.
I kept them in for 30 minutes while I finished getting ready and just finger combed my hair after removing them.
I love these set lasted the majority of the night...and I dance my butt off y'all!!

Friday, December 16

Blow-Dried Relaxed Hair

As said in my last post..I decided to blow-dry my hair today to straighten out some underprocessed areas. My hair isn't completely straight, but it's a little more manageable than before. I was tempted to flat-iron, but I'll save that for my final length check.

I use the Hatchet Andis Blow-Dryer and use the Tension Method, but on the severely underprocessed areas I use the comb attachment.

Added some Coconut Oil for shine

I feel like the front of my hair is getting shorter :-/

Amla Treatment

As a prepoo, I do a mix of:

*Amla Powder (1 of the above boxes)
Warm water
Coconut Oil

I apply it to my hair in sections from root to tip and end up with this:

*I rinse the Amla out of my hair and wash with Shea Moisture: Moisture Retention Shampoo only
*Then I proceed to Deep Condition with Suave Professionals Shea Butter and Almond Conditioner mixed with Aloe Vera Gel and Hemp Seed oil- Kept that on under my foil cap for 2 hours
 *After rinsing out the DC, I applied Roux Porosity Control for 1 minute then rinsed
*Towel dried my hair for 10 minutes
*Applied my leave-ins(Chi Keratin Mist and Nexxus Headress) 
*Added some Chi Silk Infusion to small sections then blowdried my hair using the tension method

*Hesh Amla powder has the following advantages:

- promotes hair growth
- controls hair fall
- cures scalp infection
- controls premature graying of hair

Wednesday, December 14

How I Henna and Indigo

I had some questions on what I use for my Henna here you go.

I do Henna and Indigo Treatments quarterly and have replaced my Henna Glosses with Amla Treatments which I do weekly.

*Remember to use gloves when applying both henna and indigo

My Henna Mix consists of:
100 G of Karishma Henna
Black Tea(I made it with 4 tea bags and I boiled 3 cups of water.)
1 egg ( only if I need protein but this can be ommitted)
1 tablespoon of oil (I used a mix oil but extra virgin olive oil or castor oil were my staples in the past)
When it comes to how much tea I poured in, I believe it was 2 cups, but I just pour it in very slowly until I get a thick consistency.

*Apply immediately in sections, cover hair with plastic cap then bag and keep in overnight(only because I usually put it in very late)
Not done mixing you can see the clumps, but this is the consistencly I generally like
Rinsed out the next AM
Cleansed scalp with Shea Moisture Shampoo then apply Indigo

Indigo is easier
I just mix 100G of Indigo and warm water from the sink
Once again I pour the water in slowly
I then add like a tspn of salt and mix well
Place Plastic Cap on head
Keep in for 2 hours
Rinse Out thoroughly with just water
Apply my Moisturizing Deep Conditioner
Keep DC in for about 2 hours
Rinse Out

Sore Scalp

One of my biggest "hair/head" issues since 2007(way before my hair journey) has been having a sore scalp.
I remember getting a wash and set back in 07' and almost crying while my stylist massaged my scalp when shampooing. Yeah, it was that BAD!
To this day...I still have sore scalp issues mostly in my crown area. Now, I don't have any scabs, visible marks, rashes or anything..just a sore scalp! 

I have researched this and tried to figure out the causes.
The list consisted of:

  • Allergic reaction to a product- I usually do spot tests before trying any new I don't think that's it.
  • Fungal Infection- I believe I would have more symptoms than just sore scalp
  • Stress- I'm rarely stressed to tell y'all the truth
  • Growth Spurt- Doubt it..because my hair would be down to my feet by now
  • Rough Combing- I am very gentle with my hair
  • Clogged Pores- I have tried clarifying then applying witch hazel to clean that area..still no luck
  • Dry Scalp- I have oiled that area
  • Rough/Coarse Textured Hair Growing in that Area- The hair on my crown is more coarse than any other area of my head. BUT I sometimes experience sore scalp in other areas
  • Chemical Treatments- I'm starting to believe it could be the relaxer. I usually experience this a week after my relaxer to about 3 months post then it stops. I do base my scalp well and rarely experience burning, but 2007 is when I received a virgin relaxer and the issue has been re-occurring since then.
I haven't been to a Dermatologist (shame on me) yet..but if it is because of Relaxer's...I may need to switch things up MAJORLY because this is an issue I refuse to have for years to come.

Does anyone else have this issue? If so, what have you done to fix it?

Sunday, December 11

Something I Haven't Done in SO Long

I oiled my scalp yesterday and gave myself a good scalp massage.

It felt REALLY good!

Reminder on the benefits: 
 Scalp massages will increase the circulation in the scalp area. This will help the hair follicles become receptive to the nutrients and oxygen they need for maximum health.

Friday, December 9

Review- Hercules Sagemann: Magic Star Jumbo Rake Comb

Remember this post I did on paying $20 for a comb? Well I thought I would do a review on this for others thinking about purchasing it.

What they Say:
The Magic Star Jumbo Rake is an "all-around" comb. The Magic Star Jumbo Rake works like a hand to add volume, separate curls, and blend sleek straight styles. The Jumbo Rake can handle even the toughest jobs: detangling hair, distributing your favorite conditioner, gently gliding thru wet hair, awesome shower comb.
No worries about snagging or ripping your hair. The teeth are absolutely free of any seams or burrs. The teeth are hand-sawn, hand-cut and hand-polished to perfection! In the Salon, at home or when traveling, Hercules Sagemann's combs are unbeatable for styling.

What Ms. D Thinks:
I absolutely LOVE this comb!!!! I could tell an immediate difference when combing my hair. I have far LESS breakage and mostly only shed hair comes out. This comb just glides through my hair with-out me hearing any of those "snapping" sounds. I can even detangle in larger sections opposed to the really small sections I have done in the past.  It does detangle pretty well, but as you can see the teeth are very wide so I sometimes have to follow up a smaller tooth (HS1975 Styling Seamless Comb) comb to remove all shed hair and smaller tangles.
I also used this comb on my Aunts natural hair and it worked great on her. I was flat-ironing her hair using the comb chase method with a rat tail comb and when initially detangling with the Jumbo Rake, it made things easier.
I really wish I made this investment when I started my hair journey!
ETA: I previously used the Jilbere Shower Comb

Would Ms. D repurchase?- Only if I lost it! (Which I would be devasted if I did. LOL)

Cost: $17.50 (not including shipping)
Where to purchase:

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Thursday, December 8

Quick Tip: For Those Who Deep Condition on DRY Hair

Many people deep condition on dry hair before shampooing to save time. Some also Prepoo with conditioner. If you do either, lightly spray your hair with WARM water before adding the conditioner to your hair.
The warm water will open your hairs cuticle which will help absorb the conditioner so you receive it's maximum benefits.
You will also use less product because your hair is slightly damp.

*I like to use filtered water when I spray my hair. I have a Brita Bottle that I barely used because I tend to purchase 24 packs of Water(I know I'm killing the environment..but hey, I recycle).
I just fill it up with warm water then squirt in my spray bottle.

Shakira Chops it Off

Remember Shakira's long wavy/curly signature locks?

Well, she decided it was time for a change and debuted her new do via Twitter.

It's a cute cut, but I prefer longer hair on her!

Wednesday, December 7

Boost of Moisture

The dry heat at work has been sucking the moisture right out of my hair by the end of the day.

So, when I get home I:
Spray my hair with Aloe Vera Juice mixed with a few drops of Castor Oil
Place a plastic cap on my hair for about an hour or 2
Take the cap off
Then wrap my hair with my silk scarf (I wrap my hair right after because of the dry heat at home!)
The next AM I moisturize and seal as usual

Monday, December 5

Benefits of Almond Oil for Hair

I saw a post on the LHCF about Dr. Oz's hair secrets from India.
The secrets were to give yourself scalp massages with natural oils.

Vigoriously massage scalp to increase circulation. Leave on for 30 minutes or sleep with them overnight.
Neem Oil = Dry Itchy scalp, cradle cap and/or dandruff. Natural antibacteria.
Coconut oil = Overprocessed hair.
Almond Oil = For thinning hair.
  • Many said that Neem Oil smells like a dead animal and I refuse to use something that smells so bad in the name of hair care. Although I was very tempted to purchase it at the Indian Grocery store I visit.
  • I already have Coconut Oil.
  • So, I decided to give Almond Oil a try. I purchased Almond Oil(not Sweet Almond Oil) from an Indian Grocery store near my parents house, for $5.00 (7oz)

Almond oil is extracted from two types of almonds i.e. sweet almonds and bitter almonds. It is used for various purposes to improve health and beauty. Almond oil has high contents of vitamin E, B, dietary fiber, essential minerals and monounsaturated fats.

Almond oil is great hair tonic. It prevents and stops hair loss. It facilitates the growth of hair and prevents premature greying. Massaging the hair with almond oil makes them thicker, stronger and healthier.

It strengthens the hair follicles by absorbing deep into the scalp. Almond oil is especially recommended for women during their post natal period to control hair loss and for healthy growth of hair. Almond oil is an effective treatment to cure dandruff.

*Right now I am mixing the coconut, almond and grapeseed oil together to create my ultimate oil mix! I apply to my scalp twice a week and on my strands daily to seal.  So far, so good. I have 4 weeks to go hard on my hair like I said..I AM DOING THE MOST!

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2011 Hair Revelations

  • I always knew this, but it's far more evident now- The sides of my hair take at least 6-8 months to catch up with the middle. They basically grow VERY slow
  • My hair LOVES light protein- I use mild protein treatments, leave-ins and sometimes moisturizers weekly and my hair has been thriving since
  • People in REAL life think my hair is long :-)
  • My Hair doesn't discriminate- The majority of my hair products are under $10.00. I do well with or without those expensive hair products
  • I haven't been doing much hair styles with my real hair this year and I need to get back into it
  • I purchased way to many hair tools that I DON'T use- But I sure will use them next year
  • No matter what I do, I STILL have some breakage daily- Meaning about 5 short or long strands
  • Even with that minor breakage my hair still retains length so I need to stop "trippin" about it (remember we have anywhere from 100,000-150,000 strands of hair on our head. If you lose 5 hairs a day to breakage, that's 1,825 hairs. That's still less than 5% of your hair)
  • I can't do Hair Salons, my last relaxer session confirmed it. I love doing my hair and I know how to do just about everything except a good flat-iron and relaxer. I can perfect both of those with practice
  • Because I will be self-relaxing, my hair will do better with 12 week stretches NOT 16 weeks. This way I will get ALL of my new-growth and not have too much hair to work with

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Sunday, December 4

Cynthia Bailey

I just finished watching The Real Housewives of Atlanta and in this episode Peter Thomas had a small debut of his new bar. He revealed a portrait/painting of Cynthia Bailey-Thomas and she looked absolutely stunning! (sorry if I ruined this scene for those who haven't seen this yet)
A few ladies on the show reactions were, "Wow, that's a big fro", but my initial reaction was, "Wow, she looks gorgeous!"
Although I know this isn't all her hair...I believe it's very post worthy!

Photo was taken by Derek Blanks I believe

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Friday, December 2

Thickness not Length?

I have been on my hair journey since May/June of 2009. The first year of my journey I felt like my hair grew like weeds and I desired more thickness. I'm starting to think that I got what I asked for. When I look at comparison pics,although they aren't that accurate in terms of styling, my hair appears to have gotten thicker rather than longer. I'm perfectly fine with that because that was one of my goals for the year.
My real length check, where I measure the back of my hair is towards the end of December, but here are my infamous progress pics.

Oct. 2009, Oct.2010, Oct.2011

July 2009, Sept.2010, Sept 2011

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Wednesday, November 30

Weekend Hair Plans

I plan on doing a Henna and Indigo treatment on my hair this weekend because I am well overdue.

as you can see my hair has been relaxed- update will be at the end of Dec.- Not too happy with the results!

My hair is a reddish/brown color because of the Henna Glosses I do weekly/biweekly and I prefer Jet Black hair!
I would like to do Henna/Indigo treatments quarterly and the last time I did one was in August.
As said before, I feel like the Henna strengthens/thickens up my I am doing the most to finish this year off with a bang.

*Hair update coming soon

Sunday, November 20

Quick Tip- Panthenol

Try using products that contain Panthenol.
Panthenol is the alcohol form of  Vitamin B5. It is marketed in a variety of hair care products such as shampoos, conditioners and leave-ins to help "thicken" hair  because it can penetrate the hair shaft increasing the hair diameter by a small percentage.
Although Panthenol is a form of alcohol, it is actually very moisturizing and has similar characteristics of a humectant.
The one product that I use that has Panthenol high on the ingredient list is my Nexxus Headress leave-in. It's not only moisturizing, but I do feel like it makes my hair stronger and more moisturized.  

Friday, November 18

I am SO Ready to Relax

I am 12 weeks post relaxer and I think I have reached my limit. Not only am I dealing with 12 weeks worth of new-growth, but I am also dealing with some under-processed areas. It takes me at least 1.5 hours to fully detangle and the only way I can avoid knots and tangles is by straightening or putting braids/twists in my hair.

Today I did a hot oil treatment, shampoo-ed (with my brand new Shea Moisture Shampoo, love it!), Did a Mild Protein Treatment,  Deep Conditioned with Moisture, Air-dried for a little bit, detangled, blow-dried my hair then dusted my ends. 
The detangling and blow-drying took me 2 hours!!!! That was my breaking point.

Not sure exactly when I will Relax...It will most likely be next weekend which is why I switched up my way day routine. I'll keep you posted though.

My New-growth even after blow-drying using the tension method

How my hair looked after blow-drying since I placed each section in bantu-knots- HOT MESS

Wednesday, November 16

Got Some New Shears

I purchased some Sheer Glory Shears from Sally's last year for about $10.00 and I guess you get what you pay for. I would notice a few weeks after dusting I had some split ends even though I was doing everything "right". So, I decided to purchase some new shears especially since I am dusting this weekend.

After doing some extensive research and reading many reviews, I found that Tweezerman Shears are the best option for a decent price.

The great thing about these are that they have a free sharpening lifetime guarantee!

I got these for $20.00 at Walgreens. They can be found in the Beauty section where the tweezers are.

More info on the shears:

  • Stainless steel
  • High performance blades
  • Ice tempered and hot drop forged stainless tell
  • Hand crafted for precision hair cutting
  • Extra sharp & long lasting cutting edges
  • Expert balance, comfort and control

Tuesday, November 15

Protective Styling- Necessity or Personal Choice?

A protective style is any style where the ends (the oldest and most fragile part of your hair) of your hair are tucked away/"hidden" & moisturized to avoid  friction and wear& tear from the environment. 

I put my hair in protective styles on a regular basis for 4 reasons:
  1. Less manipulation
  2. To keep my ends tucked away from clothes, wind, etc which could possible result in damage
  4. Because I'm lazy!

Before I began my healthy hair journey, I wore my hair down almost every day. My hair was somewhat healthy, but thin and never went past shoulder length. When researching healthy hair care practices, one common practice I saw in the MAJORITY of long haired ladies was the implementation of protective styles (buns, french rolls, braids etc.).
Even my Mother,who has mid-back length hair, protective styles on a normal basis.

Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results

I knew I had to make a change in my hair care practices in order to yield results, which I did and I am now slowly receiving.

I can count at least 10-15 relaxed success stories (going from short and thin to long and thick) who credits protective styling as one of their reasons for achieving such results. I tend to go with the majority NOT the minority.
Of course protective styling alone does not give you thick and healthy hair and of course you can still reach your goals without them...but for ME...I do them because I like them and  I have seen results.

So, in my case...protective styling is a necessity AND personal choice!
What about you?

Sunday, November 13

Small Weekend Haul

Hey Loves! Hope everyone had a great weekend!!
I went back to my parents place and spent some time with them, friends and other family. Then ended the weekend off with a bang at a GREAT church listening to beautiful church hymns and enjoying the service.

Anyway....I received/purchased a few things when I was back home and decided to share it with you all.

So, I am a BzzAgent and received some samples of Fekkai shampoo, conditioner, hair masks and mouse to try/give out. They supplied me with full size bottles of the shampoo and conditioner, but I will most likely try out the sample sizes instead, then if I like the product..I will give away the full size bottles and sample packets.
*I'm only giving it away because I already found my staple products.
*Fekkai products are pretty expensive...I saw these in Target for I think $20 each.

I found an Indian grocery store near my parents place that sold just about all the oils and hair treatments you can think of. I purchased Amla Powder because I will be using that instead of Henna for my pre-poos. I'm only using Amla Powder because I plan on doing a Henna and Indigo treatment next weekend which will turn my hair jet-black. If I continue to do Henna Gloss Pre-poos my hair color will change back to reddish brown and I don't want that.

$2.00 Each

This other store near my parents place sells some CUTE earrings for $1.50 each. So..I purchased about 8 pairs.

I picked up this Oil Blend because I was loving the different oils in contained. I may use this in my Deep Conditioner and I will also use this on my skin(which I already did all weekend). I will only use this on my body..not my hair.

Ingredients: Gin Grow Oil Complex {Safflower Oil, Jojoba Oil, Sesame Oil, Wheat Germ Oil, Castor Oil, Ginseng extract (Ren-Shen), Lavender Oil, Avacado Oil} Gin Grow Herbal Complex {Rosemary Extract (Mi-Tieh-Hsang), Sage Extract (Shu-Wei-Tsao), Angelica Archangelica Extract (Bai-Zhi), Licorice Extract (Gan-Cao), Job's Tears Extract (I-Yi-Jen), Junipeus Virginiana Extract (Cedar), Hyacinth Extract, Clove Extract, Balm Mint Extract, Chamomile Extract}, Polysobate 20, Tocopheryl Acetate (Vitamin E), Retinyl Palmitate Vitamin A), Water, Propylene Glycol, Capsicum Annum Oleoresin, Fragrance, Methylaraben, Ehylparben, Proylparaben, Butylparaben, Phenoxyethanol.

Just not feeling the last few ingredients :-/

$5.00 at CVS

My Blow-dryer stopped working and I only use it when I Deep Condition my hair because I have the bonnet hair dryer attachment.
So...I picked this up for $12.00 at Walgreens. Some of the proceeds supposedly go to Breast Cancer research so I chose this one instead.

That's all Folks!

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Friday, November 11

3 Tips to Avoid the "Thin Relaxed Hair" Look

I love me some Tyra, but y'all know her hair looks slightly thin. I apologize in advance if this offends anyone

1.) Protect those ends!- I say this time after time, but you MUST protect your previously relaxed ends during the relaxer process. I use a Neutralizer Shampoo then seal it in with Vaseline or Extra Virgin Olive Oil.
Not only are you protecting your ends from overlapping during the relaxer application, but you are protecting them from run-off when you actually wash the relaxer out.

2.) Decrease the amount of Relaxers you get yearly- This basically means to "stretch" your relaxers to at least 10 weeks.
Why should you stretch your relaxer when you follow step 1? Well, no matter how much you protect your hair, you previously relaxed hair will still be touched by the relaxer. So stretching your relaxer will minimize the effects.

3.) Dust those ends (Regularly) in Small Sections- I know some people dust their ends when they "feel" like they need to. I dust based on a schedule now, which is every 8 weeks. Your ends are guaranteed to go through wear and tear. So dusting them often, will help you avoid a big trim in the future. When I say dust, I mean a quarter inch. When I say sections, I mean you part your hair in medium sized sections then lightly dust the same amount of hair through-out your head. Dusting should be minimal enough NOT to notice a difference in length

* I know many of my followers have read these tips time after time, but some people reading my blog haven't. I need to cater to EVERYONE!  

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Thursday, November 10

Weekend Hair Plans

My weekend starts today since I have tomorrow off due to Veterans Day! Yaaay!!

So, that means these cornrows come out tonight!

Before removing them, I will spray the complete length of the braids with Braid-Spray to ensure my hair is moisturized.
Then I'll finger comb to remove any shed hair.

This is the outcome: It took me 2 hours to get them out

Now, my only issue is that I have plans tomorrow AM and Saturday, so chances of me washing my hair tonight are slim. Y'all seen it is an overnight and part of a day process!
So, I will most likely do a braid-out in the interim. If I can't get to washing my hair this weekend, I will feel sooo weird. Only because I'm used to washing weekly and it has now been 2 weeks since I washed my hair.

We'll see how this all turns out!

Saturday, November 5

$20 for a Comb?!?!

I have heard nothing but great things about the Hercules Sagemann: Magic Star Jumbo Rake Comb and I finally took the plunge and purchased it for a whopping $20.63 including shipping(
Now when it comes to healthy hair care, there are certain products you can save or splurge on.
For me, a great detangling comb is something I would prefer to splurge on.
Now...what is so special about this comb?'s seamless and made with great quality.
Seams in combs can detoriate your hair with time because they are constantly cutting or rubbing against your strands. See this quick post I made on Seamless Combs a while ago.
I do have a smaller Hercules Sagemann seamless comb that I won in a give-away which I sometimes use after detangling with a wider tooth comb and when I braid my hair. But I wanted this jumbo one because I prefer Wide Tooth combs.'s more on this product: IT BETTER BE WORTH IT!

The Magic Star Jumbo Rake is an "all-around" comb. The Magic Star Jumbo Rake works like a hand to add volume, separate curls, and blend sleek straight styles. The Jumbo Rake can handle even the toughest jobs: detangling hair, distributing your favorite conditioner, gently gliding thru wet hair, awesome shower comb.

No worries about snagging or ripping your hair. The teeth are absolutely free of any seams or burrs. The teeth are hand-sawn, hand-cut and hand-polished to perfection! In the Salon, at home or when traveling, Hercules Sagemann's combs are unbeatable for styling.

Tip: Use nothing but the best combs on your hair...even at the salon! Consult with your stylist about using your comb(s) at all of your appointments and get the most out of your hair care regimen. Remember, if it's not a Hercules S├Ągemann comb, it's just a simple comb. See for yourself

Whether with lots of volume, curly or smooth, with or without texture, styling combs make an individual look possible. Particularly when smoothing the hair, it is important that the comb is absolutely burr-free. Only in this way is it possible to guarantee that the hair cuticle is preserved. The width, length and shape of the tooth determines the type of texture and gives the individual look. It is a friend to your hair and scalp. The ideal styling comb for every look!
•Made by hand from 100% Vulcanized Natural Hard Rubber
•Tried and tested design with perfect ergonomics
•Twist-resistant and yet flexible
•The teeth are hand-sawn, hand-cut, and hand-polished to perfection!
•Non-porous (will not support the growth of mold or mildew); guaranteeing hygiene
•Chemical and heat resistant
•Antistatic (prevents fly-away hair)
•Very smooth and gentle to the hair and scalp due to rounded tips and sides
•Very good gliding ability when combing through the hair

Friday, November 4

Cute Hair Post: Black Hair

I saw this on a blog called Beautiful Dreamer and thought it was a really cute post about Black Hair.

It's kind of long, but I enjoyed this! Hope you all do too!

Black Female Hair has been subject to scrunity, debate and scorn. It has been altered from its naturally tightly curled state to limp loose sickly strands.(Ms. D sidenote: this only applies to SOME people ) It has been teased by boys, and mocked by girls. It has been stressed from tightly intertwined braids, hidden by sew-ins weaves, chemically changed by relaxers and burned by too much heat. It has been colored, cut, styled, teased, primped, and even shaped into mountaneous mile-high creations where birds can (and have) lived. It has been called good (if it's long and free flowing and Barbie-esque); it has been called bad (if it's tight and curled and nappy-like); it has been called bought (gone today, hair tomorrow). White women burned bras to take a stand against injustice and inequality; Black women grew afros.
But nothing that Black Hair has gone through even mildly equates to what happens when a Black teacher (me) teaches in a primarily white and non-Black area with girls ages 12-14.

LaLa Vasquez-Anthony's Head Piece

Lala attended Alicia Keys annual "Keep a Child Alive Black Ball", which brings celebrity and philanthropy together to fulfill hopes, dreams and raise funds for children and families with HIV/AIDS in Africa and India.

When I saw this photo of immediately caught my eye. This is such an easy way to dress-up a bun and make it look ellegant!  I'm not sure if I would wear that, but I think she looks great!

Images: Getty Images

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