Sunday, October 30

Simple Braids Regimen

The only reason why I have cornrows is to make my life why not have a simple regimen?

  • Spray scalp twice daily with Aloe Vera Mix (80% Aloe/18% Castor Oil and a few drops of Eucalyptus and Peppermint Oil)
  • Spray Length of Braids twice Daily with African Pride Braid Spray
  • Cover Hair Nightly with Satin Scarf
  • *if needed, gel down edges

That's all folks!

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Saturday, October 29

My Signature Cornrows

I know I said I wouldn't do it, but I put some cornrows back in my hair.
It's getting cold out and the colder it gets, the harder it is for me to get up in the morning. Being 9 weeks post,  even doing a simple bun takes me at least 10-12 minutes and I don't have time for that. So cornrows it is.

Few things:

  • I made sure to soak the hair in water/Apple Cider Vinegar to remove the alkaline base. I know if I didn't, I would be scratching my hair day and night.
  • I coated each section of my hair, before braiding, in moisturizer mixed with Avocado Oil. Detangled..then braided.
  • This took my about 4 hours (I did 3 rows)
  • I will keep these in for 2 weeks.

The knots don't look as noticeable in person. After a few nights of wrapping my hair, they wont be visible at all

If you are wondering why it took sooooo long, take a look at the what I had to de-tangle!

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Tuesday, October 25

Regimen Breakdown: Leave-ins, Detangling and Airdrying

So after I finishing pre-pooing, washing and's time for my final wash day steps.

I let my the turban soak up the excess water for about 10 minutes.
Then I spray Chi Keratin Mist Through-out all of my hair
After I apply the Chi Keratin Mist, I put about a quarter size of Nexxus Headress throughout my hair.
Then I lightly finger comb my hair to distribute the products.

Then I tie a silk scarf around my neck and let my hair air-dry

Monday, October 24


  • One of my Vendors at work knows that I love all things hair and keeps forwarding me a spam email about Wen Products. I told him it would be nicer if he just sent me the actual products. Of course I laughed and said "just kidding" after...Although I was so serious....I kid, I kid!
  • Doing an Overnight Pre-poo when you are sick is probably the worst thing you can do to yourself. People trust me...never sleep with a plastic cap on your head when you have a HEAD cold! You will sooo regret that in the morning. Lord knows I did when I woke up Saturday AM
  • Speaking of being sick...I still managed to wash, DC and slightly Detangle my hair even though I was sick as a dog. I was tired of staying in bed all day and needed to do something!
  • Still speaking of being sick..I had so many delusional dreams about hair related things. Like in one of them, my Mom bought a whole bunch on Nexxus Products. And I was at her house contemplating whether or not I wanted to "steal" them. LOL. Now I am a grown woman..only in a dream.LOL
  • I want BANGS soooo bad. Come April, when this bet is over...I am so getting bangs.
  • I have been receiving so many compliments on my simple bun. Which makes me wonder how I would look with no hair at all. Because in all honesty..a bun makes me look somewhat bald. Not that I want to go bald..just curious.
  • Speaking of buns..I honestly believe that ANY bun will look nice as long as your eyebrows are polished and you have a nice pair of earrings on.
  • A giveaway is coming soon...just need 101 followers...hint hint!
  • Thank you once again to all of my wonderful, loyal, kind, sweet readers!!! I have received so many nice emails and comments in the last few weeks that put a VERY big smile on my face.  Ya'll should already know how much I appreciate you. :-D

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So you Want to Go Back to Natural? Pt. 1

I thought I would offer some tips for those who are toying with the idea of transitioning back to their natural hair texture. I have transitioned back to natural in the past, but without the knowledge I have now about healthy hair-care. This is actually the longest time I have been relaxed. So, I do know a few things here and there.
But if I were to know what I know now...I would have never gone back to the creamy-crack(not that there's anything wrong with it).
So...for all of you out there thinking about or starting on your are a few tips.
  • Figure out why you really want to transition: Is it because you always encountered breakage from relaxers? Is it because you miss the natural texture of your hair? Is it because you want to set an example for your daughters? Is it because you are simply tired of relaxing and would like to see your hair reach great lengths naturally?  Whatever your reason may kind of need to ENGRAVE that in your head. Why you ask? The mental transition is the hardest and once you get through that...the rest will be smooth sailing (well not really, but kind of). If needed, collect a whole bunch of natural hair inspirational photos to keep you from changing your mind

  • Figure out how long you would like to transition: Some people want to get rid of their relaxed ends right away and big chop at around the the 2-6 month post mark and sport a fade or TWA. Others who like length, opt to transition for 1.5-2 yrs. By doing that, when they finally cut off their relaxed ends, they will have almost(if they grow the average) 11-12 inches of hair and could rock a pony or do more styles they feel more comfortable with.

  • Blend Your Relaxed Hair with the Natural Hair...Not the Other Way Around- Now, I know some prefer straight hair styles and if that's the case, you will most likely end up being a heat-trained natural and will prefer to flat-iron your new-growth to blend with the relaxed ends. But for those who want to go back to natural sporting their natural curls, now is the time to say NO to heat and learn to work with your "new-growth", not fight it. So, opt for twists and curls, bantu-knot outs, braid-outs, braids and curls, get where I'm, curly hair-styles.

Pt.2 Coming Soon..
Product Choices
Trimming Ends

For those out there who are actually transitioning...please feel free to leave some tips and suggestions!

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Follow 6-FOOT-LONG-HAIR on Twitter for updates on Ms.D and all things hair!

Quick Tip: Glycerin in the Winter

As many of you know; Glycerin is a humectant, meaning it attracts moisture from the air to your hair or skin.
Now in colder weather, there isn't much moisture in the it's a little more difficult for Glycerin based products to work their magic (FOR SOME...some people have absolutely NO issue!).

So on to the Quick Tip:

Apply your Glycerin based moisturizer BEFORE showering in the morning.. then SEAL with an OIL once getting out of the shower.
The moisture or steam from your hot/warm shower will act as the "moisture from the air" and once you seal...that moisture will be locked in!

To Read a little bit more about Glycerin in Colder Months..Check out this blog post on The Natural Haven.

Examples of Glycerin Based Hair Products:
14-1 Hawaiian Silky
Care Free Gold
Basically anything with Glycerin as the second or maybe third Ingredient

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Follow 6-FOOT-LONG-HAIR on Twitter for updates on Ms.D and all things hair!

Friday, October 21

Guess Who Finally Has Twitter?

.....YUP, ME!!!!!

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Thursday, October 20

Don't Do this At Home Ladies!

Let me first say that Diana Ross had/has some beautiful hair!!
So beautiful that back in the day,  some women would go to the extremes to achieve this look.

In regards to Solange Knowles Style Inspiration, on she stated:

"Diana Ross is the quite obvious one. If you look at pictures of her in the ’60s, ’70s, through the ’80s, she embodied everything about that era in such a timeless way. Her hair is a whole other conversation! And seeing photos of my mother from the ’60s and ’70s, she was a total rebel with her style. She had extremely fine hair and washed it with detergent to coarsen it up and had this amazing Afro."

Washing Hair with Detergent?!?!?- Ladies..I don't suggest this AT ALL!!

Wednesday, October 19

8 Weeks In Review

Friday makes me 8 weeks post relaxer and since then I have:

Done a FAILED Caruso Roller set

Rising Star: Blogs You Should Know About

Every Month, I will show some love to a blog or blogs  that I follow and believe others should know about as well.
If you recall..I posted Black Enterprise Wealth For Life Principles' and # 8 stated:

 I Will Support the Creation and Growth of Minority-Owned Businesses

To me....this means that we should support each other and not only in regards to "Businesses".

This Month's Rising Star goes to......

My Little Obsessions 246

Steph talks about fashion, make-up and most importantly Hair on this blog.
Of course she touches on other subjects as well and she updates her blog often!

Check it out and support one our fellow sister bloggers :-D

P.S- I'm not choosing these blogs in any particular way. Whatever blog comes to mind..I post. There's a big chance your blog will be next ;-) 

Regimen Breakdown: Deep Conditioning my Hair

So...After shampooing and towel's time for me to Deep Condition.

So I squeeze about 2 tablespoons  of ORS Replenishing Conditioner in a Bowl

Then Add about 1 Table Spoon of Aloe Vera Gel (this helps make my new-growth softer)

Then add like a teaspoon of Hemp Oil

Mix..then apply to my hair in sections

Tuesday, October 18

Do you see the poll on the top, left side of my blog?


Well it seems like the majority of my readers or people who randomly stop by 6-FOOT-LONG-HAIR, are naturals!
Who would have thunk it!
I personally believe that a lot of my hair care practices and the tips I supply, cater to both natural and relaxed ladies...not to mention Transitioners since I stretch my relaxers(and the same rules apply). But I PROMISE to do more posts just for my natural chicas.
Luckily I follow(on YT and Blogger) many I can offer a few tips here and there.

Soooo...stay tuned! :-)

Monday, October 17

Same Ol' Bun

and Surprisingly....I'm not bored yet. Check back with me on Friday though!

For the last two weeks...even after I straightened my hair...I have just been wearing buns, just changing the position of them almost daily.

They're quick..easy...and at times, they even look cute. But the best thing I get out of doing that I am keeping my ends protected!

This is the bun on straightened hair

Friday, October 14

Regimen Breakdown: Shampoo Time

After I rinse out my Pre-poo, it's time for me to shampoo.

So I place about 1 oz of  shampoo

In the below applicator bottle

Then fill the rest of the bottle with Water

Then I apply the diluted shampoo throughout my scalp and let the water rinse the shampoo down my tresses

After I feel like my hair is completely clean...I apply some of the below conditioner all through-out my hair, let sit for 3 minutes..

Rinse Out....Then apply a turban to my hair to soak up the excess water

Stay Tuned for my next steps...

Crochet Earrings

For those who know me, there is no secret that I have a slight obsession with earrings. On my 7 Random things post, it was stated that I wear black A in order to spice up my outfits..I accessorize! I do have quite a few necklaces and bracelets..but my true love is earrings.


When I watch YouTube videos, I see quite a few naturals with Crochet Earrings that I adore.
So..I went searching to buy some and saw some pretty cute ones on Etsy but they were kind of expensive. So I was like, let me check out Ebay and see what they have.
I came across a seller who had these 2 earrings and I immediately placed my bid for both.
I ended up winning them for a whopping $2.07 total with free shipping!!
Talk about a good deal! I received them 5 days later (since they are located in Texas) and immediately fell in love with them. I sent the seller an email thanking him for such beautiful earrings and he stated his wife makes them and she didn't think anyone would purchase them...Boy was she wrong. He also stated that they will be selling more. So for anyone interested in Crochet earrings such as these..please feel free to check out this seller. They don't have any up now, but I'm sure they will soon. Plus they have other cute jewerly as well!

Sellers Name: accessorycavern

I can just picture myself wearing these with a big braid-out or even a bun.

Kreativ Blogger Award

Link back to the person who passed you the award
Complete the form below
Share 7 random things about yourself
Award 10 Blogs & drop them a line about it

I have been awarded the Kreativ Blogger award by Shereen from Wishful Lengths Please check out her blog and show some blog love!
I love these tags because this is a great way for you all to get to know me better since this blog is mostly about and more hair.

Name your favourite song: I have a lot, but one of my favs is Zion by Lauryn Hill
Name your favourite dessert: Cheesecake
What pisses you off: Slow drivers in the fast lane 
When you're upset, you: get real quiet
Your favourite pet: My Cat...well the family Cat..Bookie! She is precious!
Black or white: Black
Your biggest fear: I'd rather not say since I tend to jinx myself
Best feature: Physically, My Smile
Everyday attitude: Go with the flow..and try to make this day better than the last
What is perfection: Being the best person you can be
Guilty pleasure: Sweets. I can eat a box of fruit-by-the-foot in a day

7 random facts about myself

*I get grossed out easily- to the point where I think of what grossed me out and I lose my appetite
*I'm goofy and always laughing
*I love to purchase things online because it gives me something to look forward to!
*I wear contacts daily 
*I look in the mirror like 20 times a day
*I can sleep through just about anything. I am a very heavy sleeper
*I don't like to make new friends...but in random occurrences, I let new people into my life

I do have a few people I would like to award..but I will get to that part maybe tomorrow.

Regimen Breakdown- My Pre-poo

The first Step in my wash process is my pre-poo treatment.
I do this certain pre-poo(pre-shampoo) once a week unless I DON'T want to lose the jet black hair I receive from the Henna & Indigo treatment I do quarterly(every 3 months).
Now if you look at the components in this mix, they all have "thickening" properties. For instance, the volumizing conditioner is said to add volume to your hair and castor oil is said to make hair thicker. I haven't noticed an extreme change in my hair, but after washing hair always feels soft and strong.
A good Pre-poo treatment can be just plain ol' oil such as Extra Virgin Olive, Coconut or Grapeseed oil.
I choose to do the below instead.
So what I do is:

Put 2 Cups of VO5 Volumizing Conditioner in a bowl

Mix in 2 tablespoons of Karishma Henna

 Then add about 1 tablespoon of Castor Oil

Mix then apply to my hair in Sections

Cover with a plastic Cap

Keep on hair for about 3 hours
Then Move on to my next step (stay tuned for more info)

*If this is a week after my relaxer, I will add an egg for extra protein...
*I also sometimes add other oils or humectants, but the above are my main components

Thursday, October 13

Rihanna- Phony Pony's

Rihanna is the queen of style, from head to toe. I typically love her hairstyles, but for some reason, I'm not loving these ponytail/bun styles on Rihanna. I think a more textured ponytail would look great on her! But she looks fabulous nonetheless!

Images: PacificCoastNews/WENN

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Monday, October 10

My Products

These are the products I use on either a daily or weekly basis. If you have any questions on how I use any particular product, let me know.

Shampoo- Organix Cherry Blossom Ginseng Shampoo

Conditioner- Mane n Tail Moisturizer, Texturizer Conditioner

Moisturizing (with very little protein") Deep Conditioner- ORS Replenishing Conditioner

Light Protein Conditioner- Roux Mendex

Porosity Control Conditioner- Roux Porosity Control 

Leave-ins- Garnier Fructis Sleek and Shine OR Nexxus Headress, Chi Keratin Mist